10 Brilliant Primers for the Perfect, Long-lasting and Radiant Look


Going out for a date? School Reunion round the corner or simply a close wedding? Whatever is the occasion that you’re applying makeup for, you must begin with a primer, girls. No matter how much contouring, blush-ons and foundations you apply to look perfect, there are chances it may get patchy, cakey or sweaty. I’m hundred percent sure that you don’t want this to happen. Right?

Rely on trusted brands to offer perfect finish through primer

All you need to do is to invest in a very good primer. A nice primer will act as a good base for makeup, minimize pores, give a mattified finish, even out skin texture and lend a thousand-watt bulb glow to your face.  Now, if you’re wondering which brands to buy, then here’s list of the top 10 primers you can count on. Check them out.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primerprimers

Trust the premium quality with good coverage and lots of sheen.

Maybelline New York Dream One Day Perfect Baseprimers

Maybelline’s primer makes for a perfect base for foundation.

Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primerprimers

Lakme Absolute lends a perfect blurred effect on blemishes to give a clean and clear look.

Incolor Absolute Primerprimers

Incolour brings required shine and mattified finish on face.

Neutrogena Shine Controlprimers

Known for giving a healthy skin , Neutrogena presents a shine control primer which provides radiance minus extra shine.

MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visageprimers

If its MAC, you know its great and perfect at the art of giving a solid base for makeup.

Revlon Photo Ready Prime + Anti Shine Balm Clearprimers

Revlon has come up with a photo-friendly primer which gives a matte finish without too much shine.

L’oreal  Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primerprimers

Lo'real gives a smooth effect on skin while giving a transformed look through a magical formula.

NYX  Professional Makeup Pore Fillerprimers

This primer acts as a pore filler to avoid spoiling your makeup with open-pores look and giving a soft skin appearance.

Faces Ultime Pro Perfecting Primerprimers

A skin- perfecting primer which acts as a smooth base to allow your makeup to last longer.

Not only do they make your skin look flawless, but also add radiance to your skin. Starting with a lightweight or intense formula, depending on your skin will make you shine out of the crowd like an angel walking through a cloud of fog. Get ready to try them out and share your experience. Please take into consideration a few reminders before you buy such as your skin type: oily, dry, combination and sensitive, extra sensitive or normal. You can also refrain from selecting harmful ingredients contained in the product by opting for a tried and tested primer.

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