205W39NYC! Calvin Klein brings technicolour Pre-Spring 2018


For its Pre-Spring 2018, Calvin Klein is bringing a kaleidoscopic view of fashion through 205W39NYC’s multi facets of colours and styles that would best suit the season and light up the post-holiday moods. From uptown opera coats to polyester workwear, this collection (also entitled Parade) is one where every style choice is of equal merit—ageless and iconoclastic.

Not one era, not one thing,… It is the coming together, says CCO Simons.

Discovering different styles each season is a passion for many fashion enthusiasts today. Take a look at the brand’s newest house codes under the aegis of its Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons.

Technicolour Palette


The colour palette derives from a range of mid-century pinks, oranges and lemon yellow. An exuberant kitsch of classic diner uniforms, the trousers bear ornamental cordwork while some of the shapes imitate classic police uniforms and the olden ateliers.

Archetypally American


The statement-making volumes, richly seen in this 205W39NYC collection, are presented at the core of a level playing field. The multi-colour twill shirt and the side striped pink trousers would be the apt choice for a transitional spring.

Intricate Beauty


Simons intricately plays on the tension between an individual’s darker undercurrent and ethereal beauty. The black vinyl prairie zip dress and the lace separates are already a signature everywhere.

Modern Femininity


Turquoise jewellery commingles with clever geometric forms while prairie dresses in girlish florals are reinvented to blend in with the century. Skim through different styles and map out your own, it’s Calvin Klein, after all.

Off The Runway


They say it’s the American pragmatism. Anyhow, the playfulness theme and the colour play in this collection is a certain celebration of the classic and the usual. For the cinematic eye, here is one perfectly colour-balanced forms and cross culture silhouettes. Your early spring is assured of marching band uniforms and a unique kind of parade.

In case you were wondering, this tongue-twisting collection also has a range of underwear—briefs, speedos, brassieres, you name it. 205W39NYC is in stores, grab your colour now.

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