5 Best Instagram fashion fads which are electrifying to the core


Beauty obsessions- something that each and every girl is guilty of but never ashamed of it. Have you ever heard a girl say, I am not up-to date with fashion? We are sure NEVER!

Inner beauty is great, but a little make up won’t hurt.

Industry where fashion is changing every second, one has to be aware up the minute about what’s in and what’s not. And to manage this rule book, what is better than Instagram? From bloggers to amateur, everyone is on Instagram sharing their best looks and talking about experimental fashion.

So we have caught some fashion fishes from this pool and brought you the best Instagram fashion fads that are electrifying to the core.

Glitter face masks and Lips

fashion fads on instagram

Ditch your regular mask for a day and try the glitter peel off mask instead and watch your skin glow like the moon. This mask brings out the inner radiance on your face and is known all over social media for skin tightening.

To compliment your shine, put on that glitter lipstick or a glitter lip balm with any outfit and let the world bow down to you in praise.

Paint your hair in pastels

fashion fads on instagram

Who said colouring hair is out of Fashion when all we can think about is which colour to pick for next time? But one trend that is all over social media when it comes to hair colour is Pastels. These creamy soft shades are helluva popular among women who know how to ace their Fashion game. Be it pastel red, yellow, green or blue, you hair will glow up with each of one of it.

Hair accessories

fashion fads on instagram

We hear that hair bows are your favourite too, as much as they are ours. Out of all the hair accessories, quirky cute bows make it to the top of every girls list. Whether you are decorating your hair with artificial bows or make a bow of your hair itself, both make an outstanding style statement.

Let your lids glow

fashion fads on instagram

As much as these bright colours look good on your lips, your eyes need to do all the talking as well. Lighten up your lids with bright shades of red, yellow, green or blue, and watch them do the happy dance. After all, your eyes are the first thing on your face that someone takes notice of.

Hat tricks!!!

Fashion fads on instagram

Hats are a complete go to, not just because they are the most stylish elements to pair with the look but they protect your hair as well. To choose from a diverse variety of hats that are out there, we understand how difficult it gets for you. But hey, who’s complaining, we love hats and we want all them making a statement on social media.

So the next party you attend don’t forget to flaunt these swanky styling tips and share with us in the comments below.

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