5 Lazy Girl Tips To Embrace Your Curves


Achieving a perfect shape is something that can never happen overnight but you can still look slim while embracing your curves with proper styling.

What if we tell you that you could eat whatever you wanted and still look like you have a perfect posture? Yes girl, that is possible! Have a look at below mentioned ideas straight from the secret diary of a lazy girl who knows how to dress right and not compromise on her cravings as well.

Ms. Long legs

Give a little height to your average outfit as it will help your legs to look in shape as well as sexy. As little as a 2-inch stiletto could also give your body a perfect posture and would take you atleast 5 pounds down.

Accessorize right!

Most of our curvy girls’ problem is that our heavy breasts could draw a lot of unwanted attention in public and it surely makes us uncomfortable. With a stylish long necklace you could trick people to divert their attention from your chest and also makes your basic outfit look jazzier. If you're unsatisfied with your heavy arms, dazzle-up your wrists with sparkly cuffs, stacks of bangles and a few cocktail rings would draw attention to your hands instead of your upper arms.

Layer it right

Wrong layering, especially in winters could make you look more fat. Carry a crisp straight-line jacket or a blazer over a V-neck top and team it up with dark-washed jeans to embrace your perfect curves.

Say no to horizontal lines

Ladies, just believe it now that horizontal lines would make you look much broader that you actually are. If you want to look slimmer or taller, stay miles away from t-shirts with horizontal lines or prints and opt for vertical lines instead.

Matching top-to-bottom

Same coloured tops and bottoms tend to create uninterrupted vertical lines which indeed will make you look thinner as well as taller. Also, it is majorly trending this season and all are favourite celebrities from Hollywood to Bollywood are wearing it. From traditional lehengas to westernised women suits, you can rock same hued top-to-bottom outfits at every occasion.

Stay tuned for more style tips & tricks!

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