5 Things That Will Instantly Make You Look gorgeous


Amidst busy schedules, professional and personal commitments, women rarely have the time to slather on heavy-duty cosmetics. Yes, there are times when we have to get ready in 10 minutes with barely 5 minutes for makeup.  Which is why, some easy-breezy tips to look fabulous will come in handy.  

Gorgeous Look Made Easy with Amazing Beauty Tricks.

Have to go out on a special date? Dress is ready, footwear is ready but wondering where to begin with beautifying yourself? We present the quickest and simplest tricks to look gorgeous within 5-7 minutes. Even the beginners can do it easily. 

Dab some Talc

Makeup hacks

You don’t have to use the foundation every time to look good. Simply dab some talc on your wrist, spread it evenly and dab softly on your face as if applying a light layer of powder-base cream without leaving visible traces of powder on face. It freshens up your face instantly while giving one shade lighter complexion quickly.     

Oil for Moisture 

Makeup Hacks

During winters, our skin loses natural oils and moisture that makes it dry and dehydrated. If you have a dry or combination skin with a tendency to get flaky, patchy, chapped then count on using thick oils like almond oil, olive oil or even natural mustard oil (based on what suits your skin type). Trust us, oiling your dry skin leaves it very soft, smooth and supple. That’s the secret to instant sheen and baby-soft skin.   

Pomegranate Lip Balm

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Girls ditch those lipsticks for naturally healthy lips. Here’s a quick tip for rosy lips with a hint of gloss: A pomegranate lip-balm to soften, smoothen and colour your pouts pretty. It gives you a natural look plus minimizing effort and time. 


makeup hacks

All it takes is a stroke of kohl to define your eyes. Simple stroke of kajal on the waterline makes yoru eyes look beautiful. Simple, natural and easy.  

Tinted Moisturizer 

makeup hacks

Try a three-in-one tinted moisturizer to give you a crease-less, satin-smooth finish with good coverage of blemishes and spots. This is a great multi-tasking beautifying tool that gives you a flawless look. You can also try a beetroot moisturizer to get rosy cheeks for an instant blush-like look naturally.   

These are some very simple, quick and easy things to give you a glamorous look without much effort. Applying a few beauty hacks can give you a gorgeous look in the twinkling of an eye. Rake out some of these popular beauty products from your closet, spare 5 minutes and you’re ready to rock, girl! 

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