5 Top of the notch shaving-creams for the alpha male


Nothing beats a well-grown, well-nourished beard on a man's face. But a man knows that a beard is not suitable for all occasions. Imagine if the biggest deal of your career depends on a meeting and you are the only alpha-male in your team then you know that you have to look your sharpest instead of a rugged look. And in order to stay sharp you choose the hard-way by letting a blade slide through the facial hair.

Not all occasions suit your beard!

You will crack the deal as smooth as possible and will let everyone know about who the boss is but what next? If you shave periodically then you know about the awkward facial-itching and dryness which shaving brings along. So, you must use a high-quality shaving cream in order to confirm a smoother shave along with a healthy skin every time. Good quality shaving gel contains fat-rich acids with beard-softening agents and leads to a lot of foam.

Therefore, to make your shaving process a bit pleasant, here are some of the best shaving creams handpicked for you to buy:

Bombay Shaving Company Shaving Cream

For undoubtedly the best, Bombay Shaving Company is the provider of some of the best male cosmetic products on the shelf. And so is its shaving cream.


Forest Essentials Shaving Cream

Another big name in the cosmetic industry especially for men, Forest Essentials Sandalwood and Orange Peel shaving cream is surely meant only for the choosy, bold men.


Old Spice Shaving Cream

It is quite true that old is gold and hence, Old Spice has been living to its standards since the beginning of the shaving-era. If you are looking for a conventional and economic shaving salve then Old Spice Musk shaving cream should be in your cart.


Nivea for men Shaving Cream

For men with a sensitive skin type, Nivea for men has the best shaving cream which will moisturize your skin and prevent dehydration.


Gillette Series Shave Gel

Bored with your conventional shaving-cream? Gillette Series moisturusing shave gel promises to deliver the best shave along with a moisturized skin.


So, suit up perfectly without being worried about the after-shave affects on your skin by using one of the above listed shaving creams. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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