6 Sexy Beard Styles Every Man should Try


Beards say a lot about a man’s personality. Hollywood hunks like Jake Gyllenhaal, Leonardo Di Caprio, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds look masochistic in various types of beards.  Back in Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor etc. sport sexy beards with élan. 

A man without a beard is like a lion without mane.

‘No shave November’ saw half of the world’s men bearded in contemporary style. Recently a survey revealed that women love guys who have facial hair. So, if you’re wondering about growing a beard or trying a different one, then here are the trendier beard styles every man should try. 


beard styles

This one is very popular, boyish yet sexy to keep. Let your beard grow for a week almost and your face will witness the easiest and sassiest beard ever. You can never go wrong with it any time of the year. 


beard styles

You can combine this fashionable beard with a handlebar moustache. This type of beard is taken from the Italian Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) and requires meticulous styling for a proper look. 

Short Beard

beard styles

If you don’t really keep a beard but are planning to get one, then start with this variant. This year several men have been spotted in short beards. If your corporate life has no room for a fully-grown beard, then this is the one to go for. Not only does it give you a rugged look but also lends a sophisticated aura to your personality. 

Van Dyke

beard styles

Wondering who sports this type of beard? The legendary James Bond, Pierce Brosnan. He believes that beards are ageless. Here’s a glimpse of the bearded superstar. 


beard styles

Scruffy Moustache is very much in vogue these days. Handlebar moustache looks very classy and macho. Horseshoe Moustache has been spotted on the world’s most deadly wrestler Hulk Hogan. 

Long Beard

beard styles

Of late, I have seen one of my friends change his suave clean shaven look to a super-hawt long beard that makes him look drool-worthy. Long beards when maintained with unconditional care can positively intimidate women around you. This is one of the sexiest, masculine and hipster beards ever. 

Forget those shaving kits for a while because the deepest secret to hunky looks lies in getting bearded. Keep those trimmers within reach to make your beard look sleek, stylish and sophisticated. Now that you’ve got an idea about these evergreen and timeless beards, choose the one you like and share your new look here.  I can already visualize you looking dapper and charming, effortlessly. 

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