6 Style Hacks to Turn Flab into Fab Instantly


Style comes in all shapes and sizes. So you recently put on some extra flab and wondering how will you look on that much-awaited event or date with your beau? Fret not! Feast your eyes upon the fashion cheat-sheet to accentuate your strengths, highlight your assets and hide your liabilities, figuratively.   

Styling your body the right way can slash down your weight and age dramatically.

Ladies gonna love these quick, easy and useful style tips to look perfectly fit and slender. Turn from flab to fab by following the style advice lying underneath the heaps of style-files of popular fashion designers across the world.   

Use Flat fabrics

Style Hacks

Choosing the right fabric can help shape slim and shape your figure considerably. Try silk, soft cotton, gabardine that move with your skin like a fluid. Opt for jersey, cashmere and fabric comprising spandex material. Avoid wearing corduroy, suede, crushed velvet, metallic, leather, satin, mohair, angora, brocade, taffeta, boucle, flannel and fringe. 

Use dark colours 

Stylae Hacks

 Navy blue and black are a fantastic combination to slash down some extra weight in a jiffy. Opt for chocolate brown, bottle green, dark maroon/ crimson. Avoid using stark colour contrasts on torso and bottom that give a voluptuous look to your not-so-bulky personality. 

Go chromatic

Style Hacks

 Wear a beige dress, an ivory formal suit- Wearing one colour from top to bottom makes you look slimmer and taller in an instant. 

Keep it long

Style Hacks

Wear long-line shrugs, long jackets, long coats, knee-length fur vests and so on which give an illusion of a long and slender torso. Avoid wearing short jackets or cardigans which make you look flabby at the waist.

Pick Strategic Cuts & Designs 

Style Hacks

 A cleverly designed fabric is the one with cuts and designs at the right places in fabric to trim down your waist and other bulky areas with its colour-block techniques, hourglass cuts at waist or empire cut waistline. That’s how clothes work their magic on your body, if picked wisely. Avoid horizontal designs, heavy floral designs. Instead, opt for small prints and vertical stripes. 

A Little Skin-Show

Style Hacks

 Follow suit with the Hollywood celebs looking gracefully slim in plunging necklines while covering the rest because emphasizing the skin-show on top gives an illusion of a slender glamorous diva. Opt for low-neck tunics, tops and dresses.  Graciously flaunt the demure cleavage and chiselled collar-bones with the chromatic floor-length evening gown or jumpsuit in light earth colours or dark shades.     

Get ready to look trimmed and tantalizing in the twinkling of an eye. All it takes is an investment of right fabrics, selection of slimming colours and style strategy to get you in shape for any attire, effortlessly. 

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