7 Accessorizing tips for a classic gentleman


Men’s fashion is coming into spotlight into India as many of them have realised the fact that dressing well is a necessity for everyone and not just women. But when it comes to accessories men think there aren’t many options available for them in this sector. It’s not true, men can accessorise too. There are plenty of man’s accessories available in the market today; you just need to know which one is suitable for which purpose. 

A well-tied tie is the first serious step in a man’s life. - Oscar Wilde 

So guys, take notes of these following tips for how to wear accessories on any given day.

Shade those eyes

Irresistibly stylish and one accessory which defines a confident man is when he’s wearing a cool pair of sunglasses. Black frame sunglasses could be your easiest choice and it is necessary to protect our sensitive eyes from the harmful UV rays. While you’d be doing your eyes a favour the same pair of sunglasses would also take your basic outfit a notch higher. 

Watch it!

It is always a good idea to invest in a good quality watch. Every guy should at least own one of these possessions. They make you look stylish and confident no matter whatever you’re wearing on any given day. Wearing a watch indicates that a man cares about his overall look and it sure does impresses women as well. 

Hats are accessories too

Whoever told you caps and hats do not matter in a man’s wardrobe, didn’t know anything about style. They indeed add a definition to your outfit in the simplest way possible. Heading to the beach? Wear a half sleeve shirt with some trousers folded from the bottom and accessorize it with a stylish beach hat. Wearing denim and a basic t-shirt while doing out with friends is too basic add some vibe to it with a cap and look the coolest in your squad. 

A bracelet that screams you

Accessorising is all about the details and one such detail that people would definitely notice on you are the kind of bracelet you are wearing. It’s an awesome way to show that you have a good taste!

Winter scarves

As the cold season is going to approach soon you guys should start looking for some long warm scarves. This piece of cloth can help you add a personality to your outfit. Women think that nothing’s classier than a man carrying a scarf over his overcoat. 

Ties with cufflinks

Coming to formal or work wear, wearing a perfect tie that goes with your cufflinks are super important.  As a stylish man, you need to spice up your attire and in this case, you need to add a variety to your closet. You need to be apart from the rest of the crowd. Try doing different patterns and colours of tied on different days even if you have to wear a shirt, trousers and a basic blazer every day. 


If a man cares about details, he knows how much life a brooch can add to his boring everyday suit or a regular Nehru-jacket. There are numerous designs of brooches and lapel pins available in the market. Be aware which one would go with what kind of outfit because this little pin truly defines your style sense. 

Every lady needs her man to be bold, confident and stylish. Accessorizing the right way defines your character more than your words. Accessorise away gentlemen but smartly!

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