Airplane-friendly fashion: What not to wear


We like to be fashionable in the air while soaring amidst the clouds. We like to pre-plan our outfits for parties, dinners and holidays. But have you ever considered clothes which are comfortable for the airplane-travel? 

Let your flight spell sheer comfort with breathable and easy outfits.

Don’t you think we should also care about wearing the suitable clothes for the flight? Like wearing too many layers of clothes can be troublesome in the flight. What are those do’s and don’ts of flight fashion? Here they are.  

Ditch the discomfort

airplane fashion

Do not wear complicated clothing on an airplane which causes discomfort. It will be difficult to take off these jumpsuits in those teeny-weeny washrooms of an airplane. Same goes for any other complicated clothes that may make your travel difficult. 

Save favourites for an occasion

airplane fashion

Wear clothes that can handle spills and other minor damage. Okay, you’ve been following some celebrities’ airport style. However, bear in mind that rambunctious toddlers, too much wrinkles while sitting for long duration, or any spill-offs on a flight can ruin your favourite dress. Reserve that lovely attire for the special occasion on the vacation. 

Comfy Footwear

airplane fashion

You could be traveling cross-country that would mean spending 6-7 hours on a flight. Nobody wants to smell the bad odour of your feet towards the end of the flight, so wear cosy sneakers or breathable sports shoes to keep them comfortable, relaxed and protected while they can also double up for exercise after de-boarding the airplane. 

Right amount of Layers

airplane fashion

Yes, I know you’re planning a summer vacation to the beach or islands and you’re packing summer outfits. But keep in mind to wear light layers of cotton or rayon or other summer-friendly outfits during the flight for the temperature can be cooler than expected. Wear light clothes but not too skimpy or too layered. 

Next time you board a flight, it will be superbly comfortable and hassle-free. Keep in mind these fashion tips of what not to wear on a flight to enjoy longer hours of travel. Bon voyage, femme fatale.  

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