Are Monsoons making your hair go frizzy too? Here's how you can deal with them!


Clothes and looks on one side but your hair tell a great deal about you and your personality. As they say, the first impression is the last; likewise, the first thing a person notices about you should be the best thing. Hence, your hair should always be attractive. No excuses!

Life is too short for having boring hair!

With changing season comes new hair problem. So can we talk about out major concern of right now; the frizzy hair. Let’s face it! We’re all going through the same, even though we was our hair every second day. This is a never-ending problem for every girl; it occurs when hair do not get sufficient moisture and only increases with humidity.

So, I got my hands on some easy tricks which made my hair silkier than ever! Are you interested in trying? Have a look:

Air dry over Blow dry

Try to not use blow dryer much. The rubbing and frictions lead to static and hence, frizz up. Instead, right after you take a shower, gently pat your hair with a towel and let 90 per cent of them air dry.

Use a sulfate and alcohol-free shampoo

Alcohol only swells up the hair cuticles thus causing frizziness and sulfate dries your hair strands, making them soak in more humidity in the air like a sponge and thus causing static in the hair which makes it frizzy. So, why don't you try using products that are rich in glycerin and sulfate and are alcohol-free?

Keep a check on your food intake

What you take in, shows on the outside. To have beautiful and smooth hair, it is very important to have a protein, fiber and vitamin rich diet. It helps in stimulating the natural keratin already present in the hair.

Go for keratin treatment

If you're looking for a quick and long-lasting solution then go keratin! This method is resistant to every weather, be it summer, winter or monsoon, it will make your hair straight sleek and party ready. So say Adios! To the frizz.

Use a straightening iron with bristles or teeth

You might not believe this but this combined package gives your hair an ever-lasting shine. Use straighter brush which does exactly that and also sets the temperature that is right for your hair.

So, whose ready to try something new? Stay tuned for more Style Center-related updates!

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