Birthday Special: Greek God Hrithik Roshan is Bollywood’s True Blue Trendsetter


This Greek God descended on earth on 10th January 1974 and dazzled mere mortals with his magnetic charisma. Yes, he is Hrithik Roshan - our handsome birthday boy who turns 44 today. His divine green eyes pierce through your heart. His optimism reflects in his smile and demeanour. His baritone voice melts even the coldest souls. The first one to carve his own niche in Bollywood ruled by Khans and Kapoors, he engraved a new Roshan circle with his brilliance. 

Birthday Boy Duggu enchants with his style, seductive looks and power-house of talent.

A real embodiment of versatility, hard-work, power-house of talent, divine beauty, passion and style, Hrithik Roshan is a true-blue trendsetter of Bollywood who has proved his mettle with a variety of roles and looks in different movies. Here are 5 times Hrithik set the temperatures soaring with his style statement and breath-taking physique which is to-die-for. Here’s your visual treat: 

Perfectly-Chiseled Physique (gasp)

Hrithik Roshan is Bollywood's Best Trendsetter

Can’t take our eyes off this stunning physique. He is indeed an exotic hunk girls drool after. This is a still from Kites movie. His workout regime is super-human. During December 2014, Hrithik won the ‘world's sexiest Asian man’ voting polls in four years for the third time. While recently in 2017, Hrithik was acknowledged as the third most handsome man around the globe.

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Breath-taking Dance Moves 

Hrithik Roshan is Bollywood's best Trendsetter

Being a perfectionist, he rehearses incessantly till he gets it right. For us, he always get is right. His flexible body moves with oodles of oomph, frisson and intensity. One forgets all worries of the world when we watch him dance; he sets the stage on fire and makes life seem perfectly wonderful in that moment. Not to forget his toned bod in his grooves, everyone looks forward to award shows for his marvellous performances. 

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Hrithik rocks the traditional look – Royal Emperor Akbar 

Hrithik Roshan is Bollywood's Best Trendsetter

It seemed impossible to some before. However, Hrithik surprised everyone again with his effortless royal appearance, regal personality and the flawless dignity with which he portrayed the role of Akbar- the Emperor. Hrithik looked royalty from every inch and frame.  He is truly the modern-age Emperor.  

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Hrithik Looks Sexier When Unkempt 

Hrithik Roshan is Bollywood's Best Trendsetter

See this pic as proof that Hrithik Roshan is adept at carrying different looks including the unkempt look.  Anybody can look good with tamed hair. But our Indian Bradley Cooper rocks the un-groomed hairstyle-with-beard look pretty well and yet looks fantastic. Any girl would want a guy who spares the mirror for her instead of spending hours to groom himself.  But not everyone is Hrithik who looks sophisticated in whatever he does. 

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Check out Hrithik’s Enviable Tuxedo Collection 

Hrithik Roshan is Bollywood's Best Trendsetter

By the way, Hrithik’s versatility can be seen in the challenging roles he plays as well as wide variety of looks he carries wherever he goes. No wonder he has won the style icon awards in the past, Duggu epitomizes comfort blended with style that makes him stand out from the rest. His diversified tuxedo collection is the envy of many men while women dream of dating a well-dressed guy like Hrithik Roshan.

Visualize waking up to a divine-looking man with lovely green eyes, divine looks draped in impeccable style from tip to toe, calling you by your name in his strong and unique voice. Hrithik sizzles, stuns and sparkles everywhere he enters. 

Sending heartiest wishes to Hrithik Roshan on his birthday, “Wish you all rainbows and sunshine on your dearest birthday. Your perseverance and passion inspire us to strive and thrive.  Wish you a very happy Birthday. God Bless you!

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