Colour-blocking winter! Raw Mango’s ‘Cloud People’ in stores now


After delivering one stunning finish at this year’s LFW Winter/Festive, Raw Mango has finally made its Cloud People available in stores now. Keeping in tune with his idea of re-looking fashion and design without any preset notions, Sanjay Garg wisely lets this celestial collection boasts of ethereal aura in traditional silhouettes and motifs of meditative angels—handcrafted embroidery, handwoven brocade, geometric figures, and so much more.

Addressing weightless ornamentation and ceremony…

The photo campaign took place in the cloudy hills of Cherrapunjee, a hill station in Meghalaya and once the wettest place on the planet. Against the backdrop of clouds and so much of greenery, indulge in this exquisite extravaganza of colours, materials and ideas.

Engineered Panel


This panel brocade lehenga is an essential in Garg’s collection, mainly due to the angelic trio featured on each panel. The Malaya blouse, just like the others, has soft neckline and is carefully structured—a major signature in Raw Mango’s philosophy of style. Also featured in the picture are red Labia guilted jacket, Mhabanu Brocade skirt and Asta cotton shirt.

Angarkha & Sharara


Available in solid colours of maroon, indigo, blue, rama green and red, this silhouette is informed by the menswear of ancient Awadh. The colourful Parisa and Hashini shararas are going to be sold out in no time. Go grab at least one, pair them with your elegant white top for a serene evening.

Flight & Transcendence


If you are one for a celestial spell, Cloud People invokes winged messengers and unearthly spirits—mythical symbols of hope and guardianship. These pieces from the collection reveal soft feathers and scalloped clouds of angels in flight, made through made through embroidery and handwoven Bengal mul, brocade and mashru.

Through the supernatural, they embody Raw Mango’s ambitions of flight and transcendence in Cloud People.

Manipulated Organza


For the new collection, we manipulated handwoven organza to appear cloud-like textured and weightless, says Garg. The warm textile and the simplicity of these celestial white pieces is an assurance of comfort and style in the cold season.

For New Delhiites and Mumbaikars, Cloud People is in already stores starting November 5. Winter just landed, go grab your favourite pieces. NOW!

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