Decoding Fashion for Interview: Tips to keep in mind


When it comes to weddings or parties, we know how to dress up right. There are plenty of ideas and solutions for regular wear as well. But when the question arises about workplace fashion, why do we run out of ideas? Well, if you have an interview lined up, then you must read till the very end. 

High—profile recruiters have unleashed a few grooming tips to help at interviews.

By taking care of a few tips, you can impress the roundtable panelists. You can create a long-lasting impression. The secret lies in keeping it subtle yet sophisticated. Make sure you’re not flashy or gaudy. Remember, these fashion hacks will make you stand out and leave a good impact on everyone. 

Pay Attention to Details

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Decide what you’re going to wear for the interview, a night before. Iron your formals, polish your shoes, trim your nails and paint them nude, braid your hair. These are a few things to consider. Never wear a wrinkled shirt to work because that leaves a negative impact on others. DeLynn Senna, the director of Robert Half International suggests that you should avoid tight clothes, wear only minimalistic jewellery like Mia by Tanishq

Colour Code

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Wear peach, beige, ivory, white, black, grey, navy blue, burgundy, dark chocolate, dark olive shades to interview. Make sure you’re dressed according to the industry type. 

Minting Money

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Now, it is very important to have fresh breath. Never take your mouth odour for granted. Having bad breath can cause an unpleasant distraction. Bob Hancock advises candidates to chew peppermint or gum a few minutes prior to the interview and throw it sealed in a paper before entering the organization. 

Avoid too much of skin-show

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I’m sure you look yourself in the mirror before you step out. Do not wear too low necklines or short pencil skirt for the first time at interview. That’s because you don’t want people to look in the wrong places, do you? Joelle Thies from Wells Fargo says the interviewer may be distracted by the unprofessional attire and may be unable to give 100 percent to the interview. 

Mild Fragrance 

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When I say mild fragrance, I mean light and mild enough to keep you smelling fresh. Don’t drench yourself with perfume or deodorant since you just took a bath. Make sure your perfume isn’t getting in the way of your job landing purpose and interviewer. Remember, the roundtable panelists may be allergic or may have asthma, so wearing strong fragrance will cause severe discomfort. How do you know someone’s uncomfortable with your scent? They’ll move away from you a bit, open a window or wrinkle their nose. Cheryl Ferguson from The Recruiter’s Studio reveals a quick tip that the primary focus is your calibre and achievement so let them identify it. If possible, stay free of scent. 

Aren’t these tricks simple and quick to try on? From subtle yet effective dressing up to mild fragrance, you must follow such fashion hacks to look your best professional self at the interview. You can thank me later. All the best. 

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