Don your boots right in winter


Winter chill can make or break your sense of fashion, the very reason why choosing the right leggy pairs with your outfit is vital to spending the holiday in style. Make the best of the short season by getting your finger on the pulse of what’s new, fun, innovative and cool spot-on.

Life ain’t perfect but your boots can be…

From ranges and ranges of boots and styles and types of winter boots, our fashion team at The Indian Movie Channel doles out five basic ways to put them together with the right ensembles. Take a look.

Pac Boots


Pac Boots go best with skinnies and windproof jackets. Choose your outer wear depending on the length of the pair. For furred ones, look out for moccasin suede and sheepskin vamp for warmth and equal style.

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Laced Boots


They pair well with just about anything—feminine dresses, leather skirts, bomber jackets, trench coats, you name it. Remember, they are for casual occasions. Put the hair down, flaunt your streaked bangs, grab that studded leather jacket and set out for the midnight concert.

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Cowboy Boots


Nail your wild late night party look in tassels, fringes, embroidery and buckles. Throw in a cowl-neck knit sweater or an embellished collared jacket for a much-needed drama.

Thigh Highs


They come in a lot of styles and materials other than leather—stretchy spandex, foam, colourful velvet, etc. Best and safest tip: leggings plus overcoat or shorts plus knit sweater.

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Classic Black


This last bonus tip is an all-time classic black. Regardless of the length or material, black boots are always a go-to in the chilly season. Opt the colour for formal occasions; or pair them with matching greyscale ensembles and go monochrome. Torn jeans, leather jacket, studded shoulder bag and you’re rockstar-ready.

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Keeping comfort and warmth in mind, for short outfits, combine with skin colour leggings or long socks. Layer your clothes to get maximum benefit out of your efforts.

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