Don't you ever feel shy while stunning everyone else in your perfect shorts!


What you wear is who you are and there is no reason of ever feeling apologetic for the way you are. Right? I mean, you’re going to wear what makes you comfortable and looks good on you and not wear what the society wants from you. Clothes are your personal luxury and don’t you ever compromise it for ‘logg kya kahenge.’

A girl can never have too many shorts!

We live in India, darling! ‘Loggo ka kaam hai kehna’, you really can’t make them stop but you can live your life. You don’t have to live to please them but if you have to live for you happiness. Monsoons are here but you’re crazy-hot shorts aren’t?

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Don’t listen to the horrific people around you because we’re going to give you ample of reasons to wear your favorite shorts right now!

Because, POCKETS

Shorts give you HOPE!

You can't waste time thinking about others

Shorts give you CONFIDENCE!

High-waist shorts are the BESTBESTBEST!


Aren't shorts the cutest thing ever? So when are you wearing yours?

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