Easy Makeup Tips to Look your Best at Summer Weddings


Sun is glaring, skin is flaring and sharing is caring. The season of sizzle and bronzed skin is here. Summer means flowers, sunlight and celebrations. Weddings are near. Festivities of Navratri are not too far either. If you have ever noticed that our skin feels the most dewy-fresh in summers, then you know summer weddings are fabulous. 

Summer-proof your makeup with amazing makeup hacks.

However, a harsh glare of sun or heat wave can make your skin sweat, tan or morose. If you are the bride, bridesmaid or a guest at wedding, you’ve got to try out these handfuls of makeup tips to look your beautiful best. Simply follow these tricks to glow and sizzle on the wedding. 

No moisturizer for a day:

 summer makeup

Avoid using any moisturizer for one day prior to wedding. The glow of excitement is sufficient to look gorgeous. After previous care and conditioning, all you need today is a light-weight oil-free primer. Yes, because they help in giving your skin impeccable base for foundation. 

Use bronzers with care:

 summer makeup

A perfectly-tanned or bronzed skin makes for a surreal summer look for any girl. Since summer sun is generous with all the shine, let the natural sheen do the trick for you. Avoid using a bronzer with a lot of shimmer. Instead of using cream or liquid bronzers, opt for matte-powders for a long-lasting effect. 

The Waterproof touch for eyes:

summer makeup

When I say, waterproof, read more than mascara, girls. Yes, wear an eye-base like Benefit as a first layer under shadow to help the makeup stay put for hours. Next, swipe a smooth stroke of gel eye-liner such as Maybelline or bobbi-brown as they are smudge-proof and follow it up with waterproof mascara. 

Consider the timing: 

summer makeup

During the morning to noon hours, sunlight directly falls over your head that highlights the shadows around eyes. Early-afternoon sun looms directly overhead, causing shadows to appear under eyes. You should avoid using eyeliner on the waterline of eyes below to further prevent the effect of dark-circles. Also, since there is enough rise and shine, you can do without contouring because it will only make you look artificial. 

Pretty Pouts: 

summer makeup

Use a summer-friendly lip colour such as coral, blue reds or bright pink lipsticks while keeping the eye-makeup neutral, fresh and elegant. 

We hope you have a very good time at the wedding. May all your hard-work of preening, pay off. The list of makeup tricks can be endless. A few important things should be kept in mind like keeping a touch-up kit, compact powders, facial wipes, Q-tips along with you. Keep a handy lip colour with you for re-application after dinner. The enthusiasm, fervour and boundless love will eventually give you the 1000-watt bulb shine to make you stand out. 

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