Expect these Coolest Men’s Spring Fashion Trends to Shine in 2018


When it comes to fashion, we often misunderstand trends. A lot of men deny being fashionable. But, take a peek into a man’s closet and you’ll know all the style secrets behind their irresistible personality.  

Expect the coolest check patterns, striped trousers and tonal dressing for Spring Menswear. 

Men never admit to following trends but they have a lot of favourite clothes they can’t do without. You’ll find distressed denims, check shirts, retro knitwear, Cuban collar shirts and lots more. If you’re wondering to gift your man something which is related to the spring/summer season or if you’re a suave man who likes to stay updated with latest fashion, then, stop right here.  You don’t need to worry about what to wear or what to buy because I am here to spill the beans about the latest spring menswear trends you should expect this year.  

Tropical Prints Shirts

menswear fashion

Don’t be surprised to hear this. It all began in Paris, especially Luis Vuitton that made us consider our wardrobe priorities. Tropical prints are very much in vogue for SS18. Make sure you exercise subtlety in the patterns and prints. Opt for pared-back colour palettes. You can match it with custom-made dark-coloured chinos or denims to rock the look. Irrespective of the weather conditions, keep your spring wardrobe tropical. 

Technical Jackets

menswear fashion

Guys, you can take out that darn attractive bomber jacket from your closet. However, if you wish to step up the style ladder, then a windbreaker or anorak jacket will do the trick for you. Yes, I’m talking about technical jackets. Go for colour-blocked patterns, in dark or pastels and fresh-moody shades. Technical jackets have undergone a drastic makeover which can be proved with a glimpse of a ramble full of them. 

Tonal Dress-up 

menswear fashion

Think spring season fashion, think tonal dress-up. Tonal dressing is similar to monochromatic style. You can wear different shades of one colour such as mauve shade with violets, various textures in one shade or wear one colour from top to toe, for e.g. white on white.  That’s how you can ditch the all-black clothes and try more variety. This spring/summer fashion has way more options in outfits than the average shade-chart. The best part about monochromatic dressing is that it works for any occasion or season. If going out on a destination summer wedding, you can pick tonal pastels. Remember your winter favourite tonal-navy and tonal-olive-greens? See, you already like them. 

Checkered Pattern

menswear fashion

Men look sexier in checks. If you know how to colour-coordinate the patterns, you’re good to go. Also, make sure you team the right pair of trousers or denims with the check shirt or blazer. Any fashion-conscious man would know the clear difference between a classic windowpane suit and a gingham shirt for an outing with their clique of boys. Now let’s see which type of checks you should wear. Opt for intricate or large motifs such as windowpane, heritage and Prince of Wales for outerwear, trousers and knitwear. To avoid looking unnecessarily conspicuous, make sure you balance the rest of the look by keeping it toned-down.

Relaxed Dad’s Denims

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There are a couple of styles to be borrowed from your dad’s wardrobe. These days the menswear attire is embracing extremes. For a change, ditch that skin-tight pair of sweatpants stuff which suffocates the muscles of your legs. Try taking the relaxed loose-fit pair of denims just like your dad. Trust me, not only does it allow easy circulation of blood through your veins but also gives more room to breathe and rest. Plus, when paired with crisp white t-shirt or fresh yellow-golden-beige coloured shirts with striped patterns. Here are few modern ways to wear it: Opt for cropped designs or ‘pinroll’ your denims because nobody likes to see your jeans sweeping the floor. Pair them with statement trainers, t-shirts, Chelsea boots, loose-fit shirts in pastels. Ditch the skinny jeans for now.  

Dudes, it is time to update your wardrobe, reinvent your style and change your look. If some of you have already been wearing any aforementioned clothes, then spread the fashion lessons over to your friends or family. Every man needs to look his best, dress his best and feel utmost blessed. You can thank us later for the suggested makeover.                                             

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