Five Snazzy hair makeovers for women this Summer


Summers are an amazing excuse to indulge and pamper yourself. Splurge in a host of exciting new activities to let your hair down and not to forget, revamp your look. Experimenting with colors, fabrics or appearance is one of the topmost priorities in this season.

All the big brands like Oscar De La Renta, Michael Kors, Chanel have tried these awesome hairstyles. 

A brand new snazzy hairstyle ranks first on the hit list of to-do things in summers.  Here’s presenting the trendiest hairstyles suitable and swankier for summers which are very much in vogue:

Updo Hairstyle:  

summer hairstyles

Thinking of styling up your hair in Updo form?  Perfect choice, especially for the elegant and exotic look for the soiree or dinner parties to go with your sophisticated appearance.You’ll find as many interesting variations in this hairdo for medium and short length hair as much for long hair. An Updo look can be obtained in forms such as a bun, French twist, full updos or the curly updos. Hollywood sensations Natalie Portman, Taylor Swift and Beyonce Knowles beautifully flaunt this sophisticated hairdo with panache and vivacity.


summer hairstyles

This hairdo is remarkably known to bring about an extra-ordinary change to an ordinary face with any boring hairstyle. Bangs remain the first option when going for a new look because it’s funkier, trendier and a freaking experimental hairstyle. This hairdo requires the strands of hair to be cut and structured by the hair being slightly sprinkled all through your forehead.

The contemporary additions to this list includes the likes of Winged, Angled, Curly, Blunt and wavy bangs amongst all the other variants in Fringe hairdos.

Lustrous Low Ponytail: 

summer hairstyles

Here’s how to get this look: Before you begin, the hair must be finely set, so make sure you coat them with a little mousse to keep away from split-ends and frizzy hair.  Finely comb through the strands of your hair all over and place your hair parted in the middle and secure a sleek low ponytail. Apply some amount of hair serum and polish to your hair and run over a flat-iron towards the ends. Accessorize the low ponytail with trendy hairclips, pearls, hair bands or feathers.

Exotic beachy knots: 

summer hairstyles

To attain this hairdo, pull a stack of hair locks to make them side parted taking and dividing small sections of hair into coils. Use a flat-iron in order to make the hair crimped in texture and tie the hair finely into a low ponytail. Now, make two sections of your hair towards the back and neatly tie them into a two-way knot with the help of hairpins to set the hair right in place. Some strands of hair on the front towards the forehead should be deliberately left free to complete the look and voila! You’re beach ready. 

Sleek High Bun:  

summer hairstyles

Create a hair partition in the downside placed just right in the middle and tie your hair into a fine braid. In order to make the hair appear thick, voluminous and bigger; tease and twist the high ponytail and enfold it around religiously to create a perfect oversized bun in a round shape. Apply some generous amounts of hairspray to give it a finishing look and use hairpins for a firm and longer stay. 

Ladies, you can never go wrong with a sleek, neat look which is simple to achieve and looks chic on you all the time. The perfectly suitable way to pep up your hair on the beachside, party or a formal dinner, is to give it an effortless and classy appeal to your personality.

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