From everyday office to Sunday brunches, Culottes are forever!


Culottes are fashionable yet too comfortable. They are an ever green piece, which keep evolving time to time. Wearing culottes aren't about them being baggy or over-sized but about being comfortable, as is. Truth be told, Culottes are one of the 1970s trends that has successfully found its way back into the millennial avenues.

Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be!

If you're always looking for a reason to wear something comfortable but look incredibly chic in it then you've arrived at the right destination. We understand fashion like no one else and we’ve got ideas that you’re not going to find anywhere else.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the fresh ways to wear your best culottes!

The Sunday-Brunch look

Culottes are EXCLUSIVELY made for Sundays so the next time you plan a chilled out evening with your friends and family, do not forget to team a pastel color culottes with a floral top and a pair of fringed earrings. You can pair them with a jute tote bag and wedges, if you'd like!

The Vacation Look

A good pair of culottes is a must-have for any and every vacation. So, how about pairing your text T-shirt knotted in the front and a pair of mules.

The Everyday Look

Every average individual opts for trousers while doing their daily tasks but culottes is here to change that. They help you in creating a simple casual Friday look for everywhere! All you need to do is, team it up with a tucked in shirt and a pair of block heels. A sleek messenger bag would be the perfect accessory for this outfit.

The Monsoon-Special Look

Monsoon is the trickiest season of them. From deciding on what to wear to whether to go out or not in this sticky weather, monsoon brings too many dilemmas with itself. However, if you choose high-waist ankle length culottes in dark tones. You can style these culottes with an off or cold shoulder top to keep it functional and breezy.

The Professional Look

Aren’t you bored with your basic trousers? Well it's time for a change! Pair of solid culottes and pair them with a statement blouse or a modish shirt. Then you're too good to go and rock the world!

Easy and beautiful, right? Stay tuned for more Style Center-related updates!

(This article only highlights what type of culottes are preferable for the occasion.)

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