Get your footwear right for this Monsoon!


Monsoon season is great. Fresh and breezy weather with birds chirping but this season is also a threat to our fashion fun. Monsoon not only limits us from wearing our favorite clothes but also footwear. Now that’s something which no girl can accept.

Good shows take you to good places!

We tend to not realise any of this until we see the clouds approaching, signaling another wet and stormy Indian monsoon. Don’t be afraid, this monsoon is going to be different than before.

We’re here with some easy tips that will help you pick out the perfect monsoon-footwear!

Rubber or plastic shoes

Do I need to type what will happen to your leather shoes in monsoon? On the other hand, rubber or plastic shoes are ideal for this weather!

Ballerina Shoes

Any lycra or rubber shoes or peep toe flats would work as they won't get ruined in the rain and protect your feet from the mud.

Strictly, NO heels

How can you even think about this? No way, NO!


There's no day when wearing boots isn't an option. But putting them on, on rainy days is special as boots will keep your feel dirt-free!


Staying dirt-free is not guaranteed but keeping you comfortable is. Just make sure to wear sandals with straps so that they don't slip off!

So get started and sort your footwear away!

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