Get your make-up game on point with these tips


Make-up gives a next level confidence to every girl to present herself in the best possible way. Make-up is an art, an art of enhancing your natural features and making them beautifully and boldly evident. We, girls, love experimenting with make-up but sometimes that experiment can turn out to be a “blunder”, all we girls must have experienced it at least once or maybe many times.

Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident

Each one of us has a different skin tone and texture on which the choice of make-up depends. As a matter of fact if make-up can make us look beautiful af, it can also make us look our worst, now it’s on us how we make the best of make-up. Girls should know the right make-up for themselves which goes well with their personality.

Here are some tips suggested by experts so as to get your make-up game strong-

Always use a primer before you start doing your make up to make a smooth surface for the make-up to glow on. Primer is a must for every skin type be it dry or oily.

One should also use a moisturiser especially when you have a dry skin. You can use any kind of moisturizer on a dry skin but it is preferable to choose water-based foundations if you have oily skin.

Do you often get pimples after applying make-up? That is maybe because of your rub foundation with your hands or a blender after applying it. It is a strict no-no; you should always tap to merge the foundation with a brush or your fingers.

Waterproof mascara is a blessing, isn’t it? But using waterproof mascara on a daily basis might damage your eyelashes by making them dry. Once your eyelashes become dry, they tend to break easily.

You should always find the best foundation and concealer matching your skin tone. Foundation should merge with your skin well and shouldn’t be much evident which is only possible if the choice of foundation is perfect.

Matching eye shadows and lipsticks are again a big no-no. You should wear an eye shadow contrasting with your outfit and not matching it. Your lipstick should be different from the color of your eye shadow. Also, if you are going for a dark eye shadow, prefer a lighter shade of lipstick and vice-versa.

With this, you are ready to be a make-up pro. Shine bright just like your highlighter and don’t forget, “If your highlighter isn’t visible from space, then maybe you aren’t putting enough”. Stay tuned for more Style Center updates.

(With inputs from IANS)

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