Glow like gold in summer with the miracles of activated charcoal


Summer season brings with it heaps of dust, pollution and harsh UV-UVB sun rays. All these environmental elements cause skin problems. Caring for skin amidst such harmful exposure becomes crucial yet difficult. Getting covered with grime and sweat steals the cleanliness of our skin.

Activated Bamboo Charcoal acts as a rescue system from summery skin problems.

So, if you’re looking for a solution of these problems, you can count on activated bamboo charcoal to give your skin much-needed glow and radiance. During summer, skin absorbs various types of impurities from environment. This leads to blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes.  To rid your lovely skin of these elements and get a gorgeous skin, use charcoal in several methods given below.

Deep cleanseactivated charcoal

Regular exposure to harsh sunrays as well as pollution can clog your pores with toxins that make your complexion look lifeless and dull. The best remedy to try is a Bamboo infused charcoal in a deep-cleanse form. This will open the clogged pores and remove the toxins. It also clears dirt while protecting the skin from zits and breakouts too.

Peel-off maskactivated charcoal

Try an activated bamboo charcoal peel off mask to get a beautiful skin. This mask helps in eliminating dirt impurities, dirt and toxins from skin. The blemishes are also reduced to an extent. A charcoal peel off mask gives quick results.

Facialactivated charcoal

Ladies, pamper your skin to a special activated charcoal facial twice a month. This facial is very good to get a clean and clear skin. You will get rid of any dust and toxins hidden in your pores and skin layers.  Slather your face with creams along with peel-off masks as a part of facials to hydrate your skin and decrease he puffiness on face.

Scrubactivated charcoal

Create a healthy skincare regime to maintain the elasticity of skin while providing strength and suppleness to skin. There are a wide variety of cosmetics available in the market, you have to pick wisely . Choose a genuine face wash and scrub with activated charcoal to clean and scrub off the dirt from your skin gently. Deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin properly. An activated charcoal scrub will eliminate toxins, impurities while gently exfoliating, balancing oily skin and reducing the visibility of pores.

DIY Maskactivated charcoal

Activated Charcoal absorbs bacteria, chemicals, toxins, micro-particles and other impurities to clear your skin completely from the surface. You will get a glowing complexion guaranteed. Here’s a do-it-yourself charcoal mask: mix some activated charcoal, jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, tea tree oil and fuller’s earth to form a solid anti-ageing rescue system that your skin will love.

Take care of your skin to a large extent during summers because of the exposure to harmful sunrays and pollution. Activated Charcoal is the ingredient of the season. Believed to beat dust particles from the root, you are advised to try these beauty treatments to get the beautiful gold-like glow on your face.

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