Glowing skin Guaranteed with these Summer Beauty Essentials


Summer is so harsh on our skin. Isn’t it? Pile of dirt and strokes of harmful sunrays attack our skin ruthlessly. Thanks to daily travel, our skin goes for a toss and doesn’t remain as fair, healthy and beautiful as it usually looks. Don’t worry, if summer comes with heaps of skin problems, I have come with a train of solutions with beauty treatments at home.

Try next-generation clay and sheet masks on face to get the desired glow.

Pamper your skin with ready-made beauty essentials wherever you are. Give yourself a face-to-foot caressing and conditioning. Don’t tolerate those open/ clogged pores by treating them with best masks. Say no to dry skin during summers with light moisturizer. Bid adieu to grime and dust with double cleansing. There are a lot of skin solutions to give you a soft, glowing flawless skin this summer.

Double Cleansesummer beauty essentials

The first step of double cleanse is to use an oil cleanser that fits your skin type as it helps remove oil-based impurities hidden deep into the skin. After that, it’s very important to wash your face twice using a double cleanse method.

Lightweight Moisturizersummer beauty essentials

 Don’t throw away those moisturizers during summers as your skin needs some level of moisture. When our skin doesn’t get enough moisture, it secretes sebum to make up for low moisture. To avoid this situation, use a lightweight gel moisturizer or emulsion for a dew-fresh skin all day.

Sunscreensummer beauty essentials

People don’t use sunscreen because either they haven’t realized summer has already arrived or they are oblivious to sunscreen benefits. Always use sunscreen 30 minutes prior to stepping out in the sun. Use a high SPF sunscreen because it protects you from harmful UVA-UVB rays that cause premature ageing, burns, hyper-pigmentation, tanning, and even skin-cancer.

Clay for Poressummer beauty essentials

During smouldering summers, our skin tends to get oilier that creates large pores, black-heads and white-heads. You need to clean the pores and detoxify them with a volcanic pore clay mask which tightens pores and removes tan.

Sheet Maskssummer beauty essentials

Sheet masks help in providing deep nutrition and hydration to the skin. It helps your skin remain plump and beautiful. Mask Sheets which are made from real fruits and grains act similar to cold-pressed juice for the skin. You can try a sheet mask before makeup for a dewy look or just to get a glow on a regular day.

Spray Mistsummer beauty essentials

You should keep a facial mist handy to refresh your skin when you are on-the-move. During summers also, your skin feels dry and dehydrated that can be helped by using a green tea mist before and after makeup or without any touch-up as well. After all, our skin also needs a hydration boost in summers.  

Hydrating Serumsummer beauty essentials

Prior to moisturizer, use an intensive hydrating serum followed by a light formula lotion or cream to make a barrier of moisture. It lends a soft glow as well. 

After trying these tried-and-tested beauty treatments in the comfort of your secure confines, I’m sure you can’t wait to try them already. Look your best and feel your best by taking great care of your lovely skin. Carry scarves, sunglasses, hats to protect yourself from dust, sunrays and pollution. Follow a regular C-T-M routine with skin-friendly products that keep your face, neck and other areas clean, clear, youthful and radiant.  Happy Pampering, femme fatale!

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