Halloween costume ideas for 2017: Avoid last minute hassle


Depending on how well prepared you are with your Halloween wardrobe, October 31 is going to be a treat or a trick for your family. Commemorating the departed souls comes with as much fun as dressing up in the image of your favourite star—superheroes, celebs, TV characters, players, etc. and etc.

You can also get it tailored or customise them according to your desire.

Halloween may not as special to you as it is to your children or other members of the family. So, for the happiness of everyone, deciding well in advance is the key to a decent and memorable celebration. Here are few tips to keep you up to date on the latest costume trends for Halloween.



Superhero costumes are not limited to children alone. Remember Cooper and Walowitz and Hofstadter and Koothrappali all turning up as Flash in Big Bang? Decide, in the group, how to go about with the characters like who will suit who. There are tons and tons of these costumes available in the market. You can also get it tailored yourself or customise them according to your desire.

One quick update, hot in the comic world are the Defenders—Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Elektra; Justice League; Avengers, and Spider-Man. Just gotta decide which universe to belong to this year.

From the 80s


Not just costumes, the 80s style—bell bottoms, patchwork, raw denim, sequins and bold red lips—is returning in waves. You can bare it all and be a Madonna or suit up in a military jacket and be a young Tom Cruise.

For sports enthusiasts, grab a football or cricket jersey and get down to one of those Diego Maradonna or Ravi Shastri looks. Be ready to face the paparazzi.

For Children


If your little one is all about protecting the universe and executing that Kaio-ken, Goku’s outfit might be the best him and the Powerpuff girl for her. And with so much of buzz around Wonder Woman and her exotic fighting skills, arranging one might help a parent add some extra points to the goodie jar.

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Hocus Pocus


This one calls for a heavy cosplay make-up and colourful theme. Widely popularised by the 1993 movie Hocus Pocus, this Halloween theme mostly features three witch sisters resurrect from the dead. You can also include all the Walking Dead vibes here—the make-up, the ragged clothes, the bizzare hair and everything. Remember to use safe paints and cosmetics to avoid troublesome aftermath.

You can avail the adult grand heritage pennywise costume Buy at halloweencostumes.com.

Crafting from Everyday Wardrobe


Still don’t have a costume yet? You can always take the lazy route by simply throwing in a pair of tennis shorts or cheerleading uniform. And tell them you are a sportsperson fan. If you wanna do all the above but a lazy shopper or tight on budget, there’s a way. For a witch, wear all black and a pointed hat and you are good to go. Give yourself a dramatic look and use a picture frame for a self-portrait costume.

Happy deciding and happy Halloween 2017!

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