Here are the MAJOR trend-setters of jewelry fashion: Every girl needs to have a look!


Fashion is about everything. From your confidence to your hair, makeup and clothes; they are many ways of becoming a fashion icon but with time, you realise that it's the same thing that keeps on making its way back into our lives. Be it cold-shoulders and statement sling-bags to striking neck-pieces and dramatic rings- these are some trends that never really went out of style.

Your jewelry introduces you even before you speak!

After analysing current fashion and the previous ones, we've come up with some layering and borderless enamel that are the key trends spotted in the fine jewellery space.

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"Fashion-inspired gold jewellery is in its nascent stage in India. Pairing fine jewellery with their everyday wardrobe can be a task for many women, unlike other accessories like shoes and bags. This year, jewellery innovations have been inspired by different styles, silhouettes, colours and textures dominant in spring-summer fashion," Deepshikha Gupta, Senior Vice President Design at Melorra, said in a statement.

So for spring-summer 2018, we have some fashionable jewellery trends that complement various aspects of a modern woman's dynamic lifestyle:


There's no woman who hasn't spent hours just drooling over pastel shades. From pale blues, lemon sorbets to jejune greens, these pastel pieces are serene and apt for everyday casual and office wear. These minimalistic hues add a sprinkle of effeminacy and can be paired with just about any colour from vibrant blues to washed-out whites.

Layered jewellery

From stacking different rings to a layered neck piece, this looks surely adds drama. You can also add in funky pendants and other knick-knacks to further refine your style.


Pair them up with a sober outfit and let these tassel jewelry make a staement of their own! These peppy vibes of fringe jewellery are an absolute blast from the past, re-emerging in a more exaggerated avatar.

Borderless enamel

Jewellery gets painted 'white' this season with the power white suit trend, a trend inspired by Hillary Clinton's 'white suit' that she wore for her presidential candidature nomination. White enamel gold jewelry goes borderless this season, with no extra gold distracting from the pure white and brings an exceptional white edge for the power woman of today. The concept behind this jewellery is to design the colour in such a fashion, that it becomes the stand-out feature of the piece. Pair this up with any monochromatic attire and let the sheer brilliance of this mysterious article define your moment.

Aah, they were right in front of us. Well, it’s never too late

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