Here’s your Posing Guide to look Smart, Stylish and Tag-ready


We’re living in the selfie-century. Looking good in the photographs is enormously important. There are times we’re posing for the shutterbugs and tend to worry about looking petite and perfect. Put your posing worries to rest because here is a treat for photography lovers to enjoy. 

You'll never look bad in your photos again with these clever tricks

If you keep a few important tips in mind before saying ‘cheese’, chances are you’ll look way more fashionable, beautiful and slimmer in your photos. I know we don’t always look good all the time and get clicked by our friends who tag us in those pics. Much to our embarrassment, we are nearly caught off-guard since most people post photos where they are looking good while we may not be looking that great. So, I’m here to make you tag-ready so you look best in all photos and never worry about deleting those unwanted tags that could’ve gone right with a few tricks.  Use these tips to your delight.

Keep your face Angled 

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There’s a reason people entrust a professional photographers with beautiful pictures. Its not the case all the time. So here is the first tip for a good pose. Try to avoid any head-on shots. For right photos, there should be right amount of shadows and light. The absence of former aspect makes you face look large, wide or uneven. The secret is to stand sideways. Keep your chin in a slanting position, slightly upward or downward. Make sure to keep your vision in an elevated position i.e. above your natural sight area.

Play up with Tongue

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As strange as it sounds, it works wonders for you each time. You would be surprised to hear that Hollywood diva Heidi Klum has tried this trick. Here’s what you need to do. Simply press your tongue on the roof of your mouth as you smile to steer clear of double chin. By doing this, you are giving an illusion of elongated face, neck and jawline.  Celebrated actress Renee Zellweger is a fan of this clever posing trick. 

Twist your Torso 

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Now, all red carpet fans know this one. Place your body in a 45 degree angle with your arms at the back or slightly toward the posterior.  Put one foot in front of the other while pointing your toe toward the shutterbugs. This trick keeps your weight upon the back leg and that’s what gives you a sexy look in an instant.

Always Cross your Legs

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To look well-poised in your head-on photographs, here’s a quick tip. Cross your ankles as you begin from the calf. This pose will give an illusion of toned posterior and longer legs while giving a causal look. What’s best about this pose is that it works equally well in a seated position. It is suggested to stand in pictures. If you’re getting clicked on a couch or chair, then here’s how to do it right. Keep your posture straight, cross your legs toward the ankles. It makes you look graceful, effortlessly. Even Royal Duchess Kate Middleton has been spotted in this elegant pose. 

Get the photo-friendly smile

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Do you know what makes a photograph beautiful? A lovely smile. Any photograph without a smile makes the person look a tad dull, irked or annoyed. Well, here’s how to get the right smile. Best pictures are one of those that happen during random moments when you look natural, calm, collected and effortless. Never smile too wide or you’ll look silly. Why? When you smile to the ears, it makes your eyes squint, face tensed, cheeks puffed up that is recipe of an unattractive photograph nobody would want. 

Then, what’s the solution? First relax your five senses and your face. Open  your mouth just a little bit to match the curve of upper teeth. This pose is very flattering. Not only does it give you the choice to use your grinned pose cleverly but also works for people who don’t like to show teeth during a smile. If you hate showing a teethy-smile, then try ‘smizing’ which means smiling with your eyes. 

Try these clever tricks to appear slim and stylish in your photographs. You’d be surprised at how fabulous you’ll appear in your photographs that will earn everyone’s admiration. Next time your friend tags you in her pics, she’ll have to work very hard to find your faulty pic because there’ll be none. Be the queen of selfie-century and glamorous diva while posing for shutterbugs. When someone looks at your photograph, people should think, the camera was romancing you and fell in love with your beauty. All you need to do is, smile and be confident. 

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