Look few inches taller with right jewellery


Although clothing and heels play a crucial role in adding a few inches to your height, jewellery is just as important. If chosen correctly, it can make a short woman look taller and slimmer while the wrong choices can make you look even more petite, say experts.

Create the tall illusion…even when wearing flats.

Kapil Hetamsaria of VelvetCase.Com, Shehzad Zaveri from Minawala, Rajesh Tulsiani from Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers, and Nishant Tulsiani from Anaqa list down few jewellery tips and tricks for women with shorter physical height.

For Elongated Neck

Look few inches taller with right jewellery

Choose long and narrow danglers to create an illusion of an elongated neck. Long earrings will not only add those extra inches to your height but will also impart a generous dose of glamour to your looks.


Look few inches taller with right jewellery

Always add those statement pieces that will impart a fairly 'longer' look to the entire ensemble. Just make sure you do not add a necklace, ring, earrings, and bangles all at once. If you are wearing a neck piece, go lighter on the ears and so on.

Know The Right Cut

Look few inches taller with right jewellery

Choosing a right ring is also very important for women with petite frame. Opt for rings with slender, narrow-width bands to lengthen the appearance of your fingers. The cut of the gemstone should also be kept in mind. Oval, pear and marquise cut stones give an impression of elongated fingers.

Avoid Heavy Chokers

Look few inches taller with right jewellery

Chokers are the hottest trend of the season but one should not go with the flow, rather one should make a wise purchase decision. Since chokers accentuate the strongest features, therefore girls with short height should avoid wearing heavy chokers and bib necklaces as they can compress their overall look. Instead they can opt for a multi-layered necklace or a sleek long chain with bold pendants that suits them the best.

No Bold Handcuffs

Look few inches taller with right jewellery

Bracelets or cuffs are one of the most versatile ornaments and can be worn with different outfits to become a signature piece for any occasion. Bold handcuffs can look disproportionate to your height; therefore girls with short height can adorn their wrist by opting for sleek and stylish tennis bracelets.

Varied geometric shapes like triangles, squares and rectangle may not enhance your height. However, there is no harm investing in a light-weight and delicate looking pair of earrings. They can offer a noticeable style statement to short people wherever they go.

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