Look young and stunning with this brilliant night skin-care regime


Give your skin some tender, love and care. One of the primary secrets to younger looking skin is following a healthy skin-care routine. Your skin needs to be cleansed, toned and moisturized properly at regular intervals. We expose our skin to heaps of dust, grime and pollution while we travel that leaves it dirty.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin as the first step to regular TLC.

Daily sun-exposure develops a layer of pigmentation and tanning on our lovely face, neck, arms and other exposed areas. Sometimes, our work causes stresses and anxiety which tends to cause fatigue in our body and reflect on our face. In order to slash down a few years from your skin and get the gorgeous glow, follow these tried-and-tested night skin-care routine to shine.

Cleanseskin-care regime

Never go to bed with makeup on your skin. This is the worst treatment you can give your skin. Not only does it accumulate chemicals inside but also blocks the pores as well. The ability of skin to absorb nutrients is also decreased. The first step is to use a gentle cleanser to remove your makeup and dirt. If required, you can use a foaming face wash. 

Not many people know that using castor oil to cleanse skin draws out any kind of grime from face and pores. It also provides anti-inflammatory properties to skin. This method can benefit people with all skin types.

You can use one-third of castor oil blended into two-thirds of almond/virgin olive oil/sunflower seed or any other organic oil of your choice on the problem area using firm strokes of massage.

Afterwards, cover your face with a soft washed cloth soaked in warm water. The warmth will let the oiled pores to soften and open up to release dirt and toxins.

Wipe off the oil without any scrubbing and repeat the method. This procedure will eliminate any oil and dead skin cells, bacteria and grime from your face by giving you a deeply cleansed radiant skin.

Toneskin-care regime

This step helps in lessening the pore size, balancing the pH skin levels and clean away any dirt or makeup left on the skin. Toning your skin allows nourishment and hydration while making it refreshed and supple.

Rose water is the foremost toning ingredient with its fragrant refreshing qualities and compatibility with all skin types.

Store a genuine brand toner into the refrigerator. Then, apply all over face and neck with a cotton swab. If you have oily skin, then you can opt for green tea blended into some drops of tea tree oil to create an antibacterial toner for healthy skin.

Anti-ageing serumsskin-care regime

Reverse ageing process with the youth fountain of serums because they nurture and restore the natural glow and youth of tired, dull and pigmented skin.

Now if you’re wondering which ingredients provide youth. Then, here’s the secret unveiled before you. Carotenoids, Plant polyphenols and flavonoids infused in these serums help in slowing down ageing process. Apply it all over skin and let it settle within throughout the night while you sleep.

Use night cream or gelskin-care regime

Use upward gentle strokes to massage your skin in circular motion with your fingertips. Start spreading a thin layer around the chin, cheeks, neck, toward the forehead and chest, and down the nose. Due to this method, the moisture is evenly distributed all over the face while boosting blood circulation and reducing puffiness.

Use facial oilskincare regime

 Facial oils help in repairing, renewing and replenishing the facial skin while you rest throughout the night. Use 4 to 5 drops of facial oil through fingertips for gentle strokes of massage in circular motions. Start applying towards ears horizontally while going down the nose. Always apply the facial oil against the gravitational force when applying vertically. Facial oils are applied after the night cream/gel to lock in moisture.

After getting to know the skin-care details, I’m sure you have realized the value of following a night skin-care routine. The only secret to healthy glowing skin is cleaning the toxins, removing the filth from pores, toning and firming the skin and reversing age with anti-ageing serums and conditioning.

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