Make your pregnancy fashion talk of the town


Staying stylish is not the need of the hour but has become a way of showing love to yourself. I mean, who wouldn’t like to step out of the house with a spark on? And when you are pregnant, fashion becomes utmost important to compliment that shinning glow.

Because it’s shopoclock somewhere.

The first thing to keep in mind when you’re pregnant is if you are looking at the right clothes to fit in, on the right platforms. To be honest, online is your best friend for maternity shopping. Opt for any kind of clothes your heart melts for and don’t let your size kill your style vibe.

Here are a few fashions to go for you to ace your pregnancy look and be the new style icon.

#1 Leggings

pregnancy fashion

There is nothing more comfortable and stylish than a sexy pair of leggings for a pregnant lady. You can pair almost anything and everything with them and feel at ease. Try matching up a long loose shirt with them or a wide top, the leggings will give you enough breathing space and keeps your bump at ease.

#2  Beachwear

pregnancy fashion

Summertime pregnancy is the most difficult to deal with. One fails to understand whether keep up with the style statement or keep the heat away. Well, it’s the perfect timing to take out your beach wear. Loosely fitted tops, cover ups and soft material is all a pregnant lady needs. Don’t forget those palazzos.

#3 Maxi Dresses

pregnancy fashion

What can be more relaxing than a layer of sloppy fabric hanging from your shoulders to feet and still look gorgeous? Maxi dresses are too comfortable and can lighten up anyone’s mood instantly. It will fit perfectly around your bump with the elastic waistband and the rest of it will drop to the floor elegantly.

#4 Swing Tops

pregnancy fashion

If your go to style is tops with jeans rather than dresses and skirts, then swinging tops should be your first choice. They are designed to give you comfort by flaring out just under the bust. Compliment these colourful tops with maternity tights as they are fairly easy to come by too.

Whether pregnant or not, never let anything kill your fashion vibe. Infact flaunt your glowing bump in style.

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