Men's Fashion: Try these dapper ideas for an uber-cool autumn!


Precaution is better than cure; likewise, the feeling of freezing has just begun to kick in so it will be better to take certain measures right now than to get confused later. Men are always trying to figure out what to wear when and with what? They spend hours trying but in the end, go with their evergreen white t-shirt. Well, those days are over and your wardrobe needs a change.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you.

With the ever-changing weather, it is important to cover yourself right but it’s not important to get your chunky tweed and woolen sweaters out right now! Keeping yourself virus-free isn't wrong but one should at least do it stylishly!

So, we thought of sharing a few tips which will help you in enjoying the pleasant weather and not come in the way of your style statement. Have a look:

Knit sweats and sweaters

Ä lightweight knit sweater can never go out of style. Easy to carry and stylish to wear, this sweater gives you a thin intermediate layer that keeps you comfy and manages your body temperature.


What material jackets you choose, really matters. We suggest a thin zippered full-sleeve jacket or a sleeveless cotton jacket is your must-have. Reversible jackets are a good pay off to as they lend you a sharp look with comfort this season.

Statement blazers

Cotton blazers are every guy's go-to blazer choice. Why? Well, simply because they're comfortable and with a shirt, underneath the blazer, you will still feel comfortable without feeling restrictive in your movements. Shirts, t-shirts or polos; blazers commit to every look you choose.

Full sleeve shirts

These shirts are nothing new because the majority of the Indian men wear them in summers as well. Full sleeve shirts are available for everyone from 5 years old to 70-year-old. In autumn if you want to feel the cold breeze and the warmth of the sun. go grab yourself a stylish cotton shirt.

Happy Autumn guys and stay tuned for more Style Center-related updates.

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