Men's guide to ace the perfect look for Holi-parties!


The festival of colors and joy, Holi is here and so are the countless events dedicated to the festival of Holi. From savoring on heavenly sweets to Holi-themed parties and music festivals; Holi calls for endless celebration which will enlighten the whole nation with happiness. Today we are about to specifically discuss about the men who show up looking like a blunder at Holi-parties.

Celebrate Holi in style!

Men do not think like women. Where a few men would wonder why bother about the 'Holi-party attire' when it is going to be destroyed afterwards, some men are still alive who are desperate to make a style statement on such events. This time we are here to help the Brady-bunch which is still confused about what to wear at the upcoming Holi-party.

In order to help all the bros in getting their Holi-attire right, here is a list of some tried and tested dress-combinations for men:


Ripped and white

A pearl white round neck t-shirt along with stone-washed denims is never out of fashion for any party. And you would be shocked to see the results of Holi-colors on your stone-washed denims (However, color can be easily washed off of denim). You will surely look good and stylish in this dress combination.


Check it!

Do you remember the famous song, Balam Pichkari from Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani? If you do then you must be aware of Ranbir's look from the song; A lumberjack-check shirt along with ripped denims and leather cowboy-boots. And did he look good? You bet your a** he did. So, it is safe to say that even you will look good in this same attire.


Quote and cargo

If not a white tee then a dark/black colored t-shirt with a hilarious Hindi slogan will go just perfect with a bulky cargo to don at such celebrations. Let me remind you all, sometimes just a hilarious slogan is enough to break-ice with a good looking stranger.


Funny pants

Holi is supposed to be a festival of happiness, joy and laughter. Therefore, not only a t-shirt with hilarious slogan but funny pant is also in for wearing at such parties. You can don a white or a light-colored shirt with funny pants to ace the perfect Holi-look.

So, which non-traditional attire will you choose to wear at a Holi-festival? Stay tuned for more fashion related updates.

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