Nail the 'Androgynous' look without looking like a Man


I totally adore the concept of dressing up like a man yet retaining the feminine essence. Look at how the women of Bollywood are totally rocking the androgynous look. There’s an aura of power and authority to this experimental look which bends the gender rules. 

Let the world come to your feet with the powerful androgynous style.

Kareena Kapoor Khan has nailed the androgynous style with such ease and panache as if it were child’s play. Sonam Kapoor has also been spotted in the similar attires. Who wouldn’t like to exude authoritarian vibes blended with feminine charm? Cheers to all the ladies who said yes because this is exactly what I’m bringing to your plate today. 

Suited & Booted

androgynous style tips

Invest in the shrunken, boxy or short blazers to be paired with a chic V-neck tee and boyfriend jeans or straight-cut pants.  Wear the macho jackets and trousers with crisp shirts in contrast colour. 

‘Coat’ed Dresses

androgynous style tips

Bought a new dress but can’t wear it to work? Let’s make it work-ready. Pair the neutral-shaded dress with a cropped-coat and nice pair of block heels. Take a cue from the image. 

Shirts & Blouses

androgynous style tips

Try going for crisp and classic shirts which are slim-cut and regular fit. And girls, please try them out first to avoid any peek-a-boo blunders, later on. For the classic formal look, opt for silk blouses in normal colours like bale blue, beige, peach, cream and lots more. 

Boyfriend jeans & Vests

androgynous style tips

Grab a pair of loose-fitting and laid-back boyfriend jeans to amp up the style quotient. You can also experiment with ripped jeans, faded jeans etc.  To achieve the boyish look, you must get a vest-fur vest, denims, leather or any other to be matched with your shirts and denims. 

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Belts, Shoes and Watches

 androgynous style tips

Alright, it goes without saying that you’ve got to have men’s watches with a massive round dial with multiple features to stay updated around the clock. Yes, we know sometimes we borrow these watches from our male counterparts. This time, get one for your own.  When it comes to shoes, the uber-cool man of today is equally conscious of his footwear as his hair. So for the casual outing, you can pick a pair of canvas sneakers. For formal occasions, opt for season-friendly ankle-length boots which you choose during winters. 

Hair and Makeup

androgynous style tips

Keep your makeup to the minimum. Hair can be slightly clutched or tied into a high ponytail. Wear an earthy brown eyeshadow with creams towards the corners and ditch the eyeliner or other noticeable eye-makeup. 

I hope you’d love to try this exciting style whether its new for you or it’s the way you are. We all have a masculine and feminine side to our personalities that we need to balance. However, sometimes, it’s good to break the gender-rules and let the masculine side come forward in the form of our personal style. Go ahead girls, rock the androgynous style with hints of powerful swagger which is very much a woman’s own territory. 

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