Prep up your beauty kit at home Using Vaseline


I have a creative streak that barges into every field. Creating amazing beauty stuff at home is one of those creative things. We live in a do-it-yourself world where we prefer to make some daily stuff at home despite the availability of readymade options.  For e.g. did you know that Vaseline could do beautiful things for you beyond your imagination? Not yet?

Bring innovation to regular beauty products with Vaseline.

There are plenty of regular beauty products we can make with the use of Vaseline.  You wouldn’t believe you can thicken your lashes overnight and create a lip-gloss. Wanna dive into the wealth of information? Here it is. 

Replace the Mascara

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Mascara finished? Don’t worry. Dab some Vaseline onto your eyelashes before going to sleep and leave it on overnight to get naturally thickened lashes. It helps in increasing the growth and volume of the eyelashes after a period of constant application as it's safe and gentle on your skin without any side-effects.  You can rely on them to give you glossy and waterproof eyelashes without much effort. 

Renew the eye-shadow

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Bring innovation to your eye-makeup. Slither on dollops of petroleum jelly blended with your powdered eye-shadows and you can create new shades for the eyes & face. Make sure the eye-shadows in use should be solid so they don’t rub off or smudge when you mix with Vaseline.

Choco Lip-gloss

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Eureka! Vaseline gives you a ‘Chocolicious’ lip gloss.  Absolutely!  Simply melt the chocolate chips along with Vaseline in the microwave or heat in a pan. Let it set and solidify and voila you have got yourself a brand new and cool Choco-lipgloss ready to smooth over pouts.  

Long-lasting perfume

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Smear some good dollops of Vaseline onto the areas where you apply the perfume and see the scent lasting for hours. 

 Set the Frizz in Place

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Set those unruly hair in place by slipping a hint of petroleum jelly onto your split-ends and frizzy hair and smoothen by combing through neatly. It is a perfect pick to deal with the hair scruffiness, itchy and scaly scalp damages caused due to dandruff. Untamed eyebrows can be set into perfect shape using the petroleum jelly Vaseline.

Vaseline helps Ink Stay

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If you’re the ink sort, you’d be glad to know /hear that Vaseline also takes care of your favorite tattoos pretty well just as it perfectly protects and heals the ink art for longer and keeps the skin smooth & safe around it. 

As long as the usage suits your skin type and does not create any side-effects, it’s a good decision to make. I’m sure you would have been pleasantly surprised to hear the amazing uses of Vaseline to prep up your beauty kit. Now, looking gorgeous is a child’s play. Say goodbye to soft, dewy and glowing skin with these lovely miracles.  

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