Sexy Hairstyles for Men According to the Face Shape


Fashion wave has gone to our heads. From there began a series of most fashionable hairstyles. Yeah I know people think men can’t experiment much with their hair or change abruptly if they don’t like their new haircut. But hey, take a look at the recent hair makeovers tried by the handsome celebrity actors and you’ll know there’s more variety than you thought. 

Pick the best hairstyle according to your face shape.

If you’re considering a new hairstyle to prep up your look, scroll through the options given below to help you with a twist. Next time you get a new hairstyle, you must analyse your face shape first. Choosing the right style according to your face shape will give you the perfect look. Blindly following a particular celebrity is not cool nor does it serve you any purpose. 


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Guys with the Oval-shaped face are lucky enough to have a balanced look to pull off every hairstyle. They have a soft jawline and a broad forehead which is bigger than the jaw just like an upside down egg. One thing you need to consider is whether your preferred hairstyle will match your natural hair-growth pattern. Opt for a haircut with scanty hair on the sides, longer over the crown. Side-swept waves will give your face an angled illusion. Fringes are not suggested lest they’ll make your face appear rounder. The best part is going clean-shaven is always better due to the proportionate structure of your face. 


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Round-faced guys are blessed with equal length and breadth of face with wide cheeks. Prefer hairstyles which add height to your face. I wouldn’t advise fringes for the reason that they’ll make your face look smaller. Go for 3-5 inches of length on the sides and short in the back in case you have straight hair. Also, quiff is a great hairstyle choice to add much-needed height and a balanced look to your face. Guys with wavy hair can utilize the volume to lend an illusion of height. Try using a sea salt spray to add thickness to hair and keep them in place. Curly hair men can follow the same method to keep more volume on the crown. To spice up the look, you can grow a full-square beard to give an angular appearance to your jawline. 


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Guys with oblong-shaped faces have equal length of cheekbones, forehead and jaw. It is also referred to as rectangular shape. Make sure the haircut doesn’t elongate the face shape. Opt for scissor-cut hairstyle. Keep length on the crown and average hair on the sides. Try hairstyles with hair falling on the side of forehead to give a wider look to face. Avoid long beards as it will only add unnecessary length to your face. Instead you can opt for a short beard or stubble to give a balanced look. 


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Think of square face, think of Brad Pitt. Square-faced people have angular jawline, straight sides of the face, equal length and width of the face. They have a strong jawline which is the best feature that your haircut should accentuate better. Go for classic, neat hairstyles such as short layers and close fades. Most importantly, a side parting hairstyle is a bonus for an enhanced look. Rough or tamed stubble will be the icing on the cake. 


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Diamond-shape is a very uncommon shape. They have a pointed chin, medium forehead and cheekbones. Side-swept fringe will give texture to forehead while making it look wider along with the chin area. Because you have a chiseled jawline, you can opt for long hairstyles or tuck the locks behind the ear. Avoid going too short on the sides. However, work around with the layers and deep side-parting. 

Now that you recognize different facial shapes and suitable hairstyles, I’m sure it would be a smoother task for you to get a stylish new chop for your face. Whoever said men have fewer options regarding hairstyles hasn’t browsed the web inundated with funky haircuts and stylish curled hairdos. Man buns, textured fades or buzzed cuts, men definitely turn heads with their swanky hairstyles that speak volumes about their powerful personality.  

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