Steal all the attention from the beautiful rain to your beautiful face this monsoon season


Monsoon season is on and so are your dilemmas for the perfect outfit during this season. It is a little tricky in choosing the right outfit with the right choice of makeup in the monsoon season because you never know when it starts to rain and you end up messing your look.

Opt for light fabrics like cotton, chiffon, and silk during monsoon as they dry out quickly

We all have at least one thing to be happy about monsoon if not others, the relief from the scorching heat. It is even more difficult to decide what to wear in summers than it is in monsoon. You can wear your favourite bright colors which were just a no-no during summers. Monsoon might not be that pleasant for your hair and skin but don’t worry you can have a control over them with the right skin and hair care regime.

We are here to be your saviour this monsoon season. Pen down these pieces of advice by the expert to shine bright like the scorching sun this monsoon season.

Minimal make-up

In this humid weather, avoid wearing heavy makeup to let your skin breathe freely. A no-makeup makeup look is all that you need during the ongoing monsoon season.

Shades to opt

Go for neon and pastel colors both. These colors would help to uplift your mood and give you the perfect monsoon look. Go for colors like powder pink, sea green, royal blue, yellow etc.


Keep your skin hydrated for the best glow possible. Use facial cleansers and goof hydration sprays to fight back the humid weather affecting your skin.

Face mask

Use charcoal activated facemask once in a week to keep your skin fresh and glowing. Face mask is one of the best ways to deep cleanse your face and reduce excess oil from the face.

With this, you are ready to enjoy the monsoon season without having to worry about your look. Stay tuned for more style Center updates.

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