Style Guide to design your nails with DIY hacks at home


Well-manicured nails give a neat and attractive look. Painting your nails bright and dark is not enough. Nail-art has emerged as a cool fashion. You can pick variety of nail-art designs. Nothing compares to the utopian feeling of getting a French manicure or other exotic nail makeover done by professionals. 

Celebs popular for getting quirky nail arts are Blake Lively, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Margot Robbie.

However, we don’t always have the time to rush to the nail-art salon. That’s when the do-it-yourself nail-art hacks come to the rescue. Here are some very peppy and updated nail-art designs which can be done at home using a few tricks. 

Snakeskin Pattern

nail art

All you need to do is wrap some loofah onto your nail tightly. Follow it up with a sponge to put another colour over it. 

Striped Pattern

nail art

Wondering how to use that old fan brush? Simply, swipe over your nails to create a striped pattern in any colour of your choice. Simply dip the bristles in your favourite colour and brush through the nails in a horizontal position. 

Lace Magic

nail art

Simply cover your freshly painted nails with a cut-out piece of lace. Then, press a toothpick on the nails. After it dries up, apply a top coat layer. 

Perfect zigzag pattern

nail art

Use a transparent cello tape to make zigzag patterns. After painting your nails, take a strip of tape, place it diagonally on the tip or below the nail and voila! You’re ready to slay. 

Dotted Pattern

nail art

Bring your bobby pins to good use. After colouring your nails in a particular colour, you can pick a dark shade to create polka dots over it with the end of bobby pins. Simple and easy. You can also use a toothpick instead of bobby pins. Alternatively, you can use a holed portion of Band-Aid to wrap over the painted nails and apply a contrasting colour over it. Then remove the Band-Aid and ting! You’ve got super-neat mini polka dots pattern ready.

Girls you can thank me later for these DIY nail art hacks. Now it has become a child’s play to design your nails at home. Pretty nails speak volumes about your personality. Beauty lies in the details, starting with textured nails.  

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