Style Tricks for Broad-shouldered Girls to camouflage flab and look fab


No matter how beautiful you are, broad shoulders make you conspicuous. Some women are naturally broad-shouldered while others get them due to athletic activities. Gone are the days when these were synonymous with masculine look. If you feel you’re losing out on the fashion game, then here are few styling tips to curb the broadness and give you a slim look. 

Collarless Jackets curb the volume over your shoulders.

Give everyone a harsh reality check by looking your best in every outfit by using some clever style hacks to camouflage them in style. No more getting body-shamed by anyone. You’ll look so beautiful and chic that others would want to have broad shoulders like you. 

Volume below waist

flab to fab

Learn to slay the fashion game like our broad-shouldered Bollywood damsels. How? Simply fluff up the area below waist. Wear a nice dress with some volume below the waist so as to balance your shoulders. Avoid wearing a dress which has heavy embroidery on the top. Do not pick dresses with padded shoulders or puffy sleeves to avoid looking out of shape. 

Play up with neck variety 

flab to fab

A scoop neck will do wonders for well-endowed women. Sonakshi Sinha works a scoop neck to her advantage with a nice printed dress. A scoop neckline softens the shoulders pretty well. Just in case, you don’t like to show too much skin, then you can try Huma’s V-neck look with a mesh top. 

Boot-cut bottom-wear

flab to fab

After having curbed volume on the torso, you must’ve learnt the trick to create a balanced look. When you go shopping for denims or trousers, pick the boot-cut style or palazzo pants to achieve a perfectly layered look. You can choose linen fabric trousers that balance the broadness on top. It will give you a retro look as well. 

Go Collarless

flab to fab

To cut the broadness on the shoulders, opt for collarless blazers or jackets. Celebs like Shilpa Shetty and Sonam Kapoor have rocked this look. Since Sonam’s not very petite, she elongates her personality with jackets that give an illusion of a well-sculpted body. In case, you’re getting it tailored, ask your designer to give you a collarless stitch which is slightly below the waist area. 

Larger-than-life Skirts

flab to fab

Team up those vibrant crop tops or plain shirts with flared or embroidered long skirts. Not only will this accentuate the skirt design, but also make people forget the broadness of shoulders. Pick skirts with embellishments like sequins, beads, lace and so on. Pick Parineeti’s style or Shilpa Shetty with printed flared skirts. 

That’s not all. Long luscious hair also draws attention away from shoulders. If you have thin hair, then perm or curl them. You can use a chunky necklace or earring set to compliment your personality. Working on corrective makeup can also give you a slim look.  

A clever mind can conquer most hardships, if not all. Use these smart styling tips and tricks to divert attention from the broadness of shoulders and focus on the strengths of your personality. Remember, walk like you’re wearing an invisible crown. Chin up and smirk, girls. 

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