Style your summer scarves to create fashion waves


Every summer outfit looks even better with a scarf swirled around it. Summer is here and so are scarves in various prints and patterns. Although, this dainty piece of clothing makes us look stylish but that’s not the only purpose. 

Royal Duchess Kate Middleton has been spotted in scarves on various occasions in different outfits.

Scarf protects our delicate face from dust, grime and pollution. Come summers, comes the season of watching girls covering themselves with scarves as deadly dacoits. That looks a bit funny and even though I tried it once, left me suffocated and short of breath. Anyhow, we are here to delve upon styling scarves in unique ways to be a head-turning trendsetter wherever you go. 


summer scarf

When you’re on the move, scarf is a must-pack accessory for every woman. A scarf will keep you safe from unpredictable weather. You can wear floral prints and polka dots pattern. Wrap around your neck or over the shoulders to stay safe from the fiery sun rays or hot winds. Try plaid scarves in neutral shades like brown, black and beige that goes well with any outfit. 

Swanky Belt: 

summer scarf

Do you like to dress-up in the most wacky and out-of-the-box ways? Well then, ditch that boring, heavy belt for a light as air scarf to be tied around waist on those denims. You can drape this scarf as a belt on denims paired with white shirt tucked in. Alternatively, if you’re wearing a monochrome dress, then wear a mini polka dots patterned scarf and wrap it around such that both ends fall on the side or front.  Pick a large rectangular scarf that reaches just above the knee, for this purpose. 

Keep it casual:

summer scarf

When you’re keen to get a casual look, then opt for lightweight scarf in bright summery hues or candy colours. How to work the look? Wrap the scarf around your messy updo, bun or like a bandana on open hair or a boho turban look. 

Make it office-friendly: 

summer scarf

When wearing a scarf, be careful as the look should be formal and corporate. You can tie a loose and soft knot which is a few inches away from your neck. When pairing a scarf with shirts and trousers, go for plaid varieties in white, black, navy blue, darkest brown or greys. Complete the look with a nice pair of heels. 

Blazer the scarf: 

summer scarf

Are you going out to an official event that requires you to dress in those amazing blazers? You should keep the look subtle and sophisticated by tying half-bow knot or something similar.  Pick colours that easily blend with your outfit. During summers, opt for jersey scarfs are the safest bet to match with summer-based blazers in solid colours, prints and patterns as well as plaids to complete the missing link in your outfit. 

The whole concept of wearing a scarf is to swirl, twirl, wrap and drape those long, short, heavy and light scarves in unique ways to carry a variety of boho, chic, contemporary, rustic, sophisticated in a few minutes. To amp up the style meter, you can choose scarves with fringes, tassels and other exciting variants. A scarf is so versatile that it can bring alive a regular tee and jeans outfit. Go scarf yourself, girls. Follow our Bollywood Magazine For Latest Bollywood News and Gossips.

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