Swimwear Collection’18: For all shapes and sizes


And that time of the year when everyone is just waiting to jump in the swimming pool, is here! From May to all the way to September, there is no human who can stop you from enjoying your swim season but we hope, before that you take a good look at your bathing suit inventory. Don’t even think about wearing your 5-year-old swimming suit this year.

Life is cool, by the pool!

Whether it is a quite quality vacation with you family or just some along lounge chair time, you have ample of reasons to get a new and refreshing suit. This 2018 embrace yourself and be brave to try something new.

However, we’re already ahead of you in that! Listed below are some of the most classy swimwear available in the market, for every shape and size. So, continue reading and feel free to dive head-first into a purchase or two, because it's only swim season for so long, y'all.

Polka Dots

This trend can never fade out. With each passing year, Polka Dots have just made me fall more in them.

High-Cut Bottoms

This suit always has a different retro touch, as well-known red Baywatch suit with gear from the 80's. Don't worry, this suit uplift things to your hips to bare it all.

One-Shoulder Strap

Ask yourself; are the tan lines worth it? How often do you ask this, after staring at a criss-cross six-piece swimsuit but the one-strap trend is something, once tried, I'm sure you'll definitely not be able to move on from it.

Deep-cut Scoop backs

Summers have arrived and you're on your way to the pool so yeah, you qualify for showing off your assets with a large scoop back one-piece.

Tie-Front Tops

Bralettes have defeated the broken walls between bras and are now considered to be a casual wear. So, you might find these little tie-front tops in a cut-out one piece, a standard bikini, or the new wide-busted tops!

Go ahead! Shop. Don't leave out any chance of dazzling in the best swimsuit this summer! Follow our Bollywood Magazine For Latest Bollywood News and Gossips.

Follow our Bollywood Magazine For Latest Bollywood News and Gossips.

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