Swirl ‘n’ Slay with the Feisty Faux Fur Collection


Swirl, cover, slide in and get swathed in stylish faux fur collection to stay warm yet stylish at the same time. This winter get ready to look fabulous with the attractive faux fur coats, vests, capelets & more. 

This Freeze, give your wardrobe a fresh welcome to sophisticated Faux Fur collection.  

They say there’s nothing better than a fantastic collection of Faux Fur accessories and attire to set the trend benchmarks with its luxurious warmth, comfort and elegance. The ‘Top Five’ trends this winter are:   

Faux Fur Capelet

Faux Fur Collection

 Get the ultimate vintage look with the regal feathery faux fur capelet paired over classic black, ivory, cream and pastel shaded tunics stylishly sequined around the neck to complete the look. This is the best option for that perfect evening dinner or even for the casual outing with your friends because of the versatility it offers.  As far as you’ve right options to wear with it, the possibilities are endless including accessorizing your look with the capelet or clubbing it with light-weight knit tops and spaghettis. Way to go girls!

Faux Chinchilla Muffler

The Feisty Faux Fur Collection

Smartly swirl about the faux chinchilla fur around your neck which is designed to come through and pull off easily to make it simpler to carry and adorn. Allows you to stay warm and comfortably cozy, thereby, adding panache to your persona. Pair it proudly with that trendy jacket you love or let go of it, if you choose to but either way you’re sure to rock the party with the snuggly & stylish faux fur muffler. 

The Shaggy Faux Fur Vest

The Feisty Faux Fur Collection

The faux fur vest comes with an interesting touché of shag that makes it a best bet to be donned with élan this winter. Be it your favorite LBD’s, printed floral short dress or even the sleek & casual tees and black tights legging look; trendy fur vest is the perfect choice for all of these. Shades of grey in faux fur vest are very much in vogue this freeze.

Faux Fur Hat

Swirl ‘n’ Slay with the Feisty Faux Fur Collection

The Russian faux fur hat is one of the must-haves in the winter wardrobe to complete the look. A hat signifies a personal style statement and a faux fur hat at that, is the most treasured fashion accessory of a woman who epitomizes sophistication and superiority. The Russian Fur hats mostly popular in shades of brown & earthy tones is best opted to wear with skinny denims to party dresses, girly jackets with brocades to those cute pair of denims shorts. Just make sure you set those tresses in place & off you trot with the beautiful fur hat!

Fabulous Faux Fur Coat

Swirl ‘n’ Slay with the Feisty Faux Fur Collection

Guess what’s the most prized possession of winter wear? Yes, it’s the most celebrated and coveted faux fur coat. The chinchilla fur coat adds a glitzy statement to your personality because of its rich texture and exclusive features such as snaps fastening on the coat instead of buttons. Moreover, some of the varieties can even be machine-washed safely. For colors, black as always is the fashion experts’ best choice too.


Go ahead, take on the world of fashion and have heads turning and men popping their eyes out watching the fur-eva gorgeous YOU. Sure you wish to lay your hands on these timeless & classic faux fur apparels& accessories. Rock on!

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