The 80's Comeback : The skirts are small, denim is big and the metal hue is everywhere


Ask most people what decade they’d like to be re-born in and 1980’s would come up really strong. There is something about this era which inspires even the generations today. Swooping bellbottoms, tightly-fit tops, off shoulders — everywhere we look, metals & spiky accessories 1980s style is back in heavy rotation. Bollywood’s good style statement of the 80’s has been coming back on the runway as well as on the streets. This year it’s taking a little trip back to the era of free love and positive vibes. Retro just became modern again.

Following are the ways, how you can bring that groove back in your own wardrobe. 

Flared pants

The 80s-inspired Bohemian fashion trend popularised by Neetu Singh in the film Parvarish, is taking over the world today. Call them bellbottoms, palazzos or just flowy pants, these wide-legged, high-waisted trousers are so back in demand. They are cool and classy at the same time. Also, accentuates curvy feminine shape perfectly. These culottes are most popular amongst Bollywood divas like Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor.

Off - Shoulder

Bollywood’s most stylish women Alia Bhatt, Jacqueline Fernandez, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra or even Kareena Kapoor Khan with a baby bump are rocking the off shoulder like in the 80’s actresses like Sridevi wore them a lot. This winter ‘off shoulder sweatshirts’ is one of the biggest trend comeback we can already spot.

The Plunging-V Neckline

Deep necklines, like the tight top and baggy bottom look, was also a popular trend for women in the 80’s. It was about silhouettes that were fitted and attires that were revealing yet vey traditional (like figure hugging suits) at the same time. It was about showing your body as much as possible, but not always in a vulgar way. The body was much sexier and lovable in 80’s than it was in the 70’s or 60’s.

High neck Blouses/ Crop Tops

High neck blouses with tight mega sleeves again back with the bang not just in Sari blouses but also as crop tops. Almost every Bollywood divas of 80’s used them with Sari. Today, no matter what size you are you can find a crop top with high neck lines and rock in whichever styles you prefer.

Low Cut, High Slit Gowns

In this same era Hollywood was crazy about high slit gowns with low necks or off-shoulders which is taking popularity among celebrities in 2016 as well, like recently Deepika Padukone wore a gorgeous evening gown at Lux Golden Rose Awards that had a high slit and was in a subtle metallic hue - which is also one of the most famous 80’s trend. 

The Metallic Everything

Literally, the soft colour metallic can be seen everywhere from funky crop tops, evening gowns to even lipsticks. Being a fad, people are loving it across the globe and rocking this hipster trend of the 80’s. With this, spiky accessories and even shoes are back with a bang. Even in fashion shows, a lot of designers used metallic in various forms like metallic threads in brocade prints and some also with upcoming summer colours. This trend was extensively spotted at Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna’s show as well as The Italian Fashion Show.

This season tune in your favourite 80’s rock and let that era’s vibe take over...

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