The Best Way to Look Glamorous in Glasses


Whoever says that wearing specs gives us a geeky look has never seen Anne Hathaway rocking the framed look. Wearing contact lenses makes our eyes look beautiful but is unhealthy for long-term health safety.  You ditch eyeglasses simply because you fear looking like a dork? No, you look cute and pretty when bespectacled.

Jennifer Aniston has been praised by fashion police for wearing specs in style. 

But let’s turn the cute framed look to the ultra-glamorous look with a few regular makeup hacks. Yeah some of us turn nearly blind without specs. You’re not alone; I’m in your league.  Let’s pledge to make the framed look glamorous. Wanna know? Here’s how: 


makeup for glasses

Begin with concealing the blemishes on face. Cover the dark circles, puffy eyes or tired eyes with a suitable concealer which is one shade lighter. You can try MAC Studio Finish. This gives your eyes and fresh awake look. Use a damp beauty blender to spread the concealer after forming an upside down triangle to blend it later. Follow it up with a powder-based foundation to be applied in circular motion.   


makeup for glasses

Since your eyes are the prime focus, make the most of it. Play them up. Your eyes are already in focus, so play them up. Amp up your eyes to the most when you wear glasses with eye-makeup that compliment your eyes.   Gold tones and copper shades suit blue eyes; pinks and plums  are suited for green eyes; browns, gold, and greens are best suited with hazel eyes, and brown-eyed girls are lucky  because every colour would suit them. Balance the smoky eye or cat eye for the sexy look. 


makeup for glasses

Well-shaped brows give you a polished look. Pluck or wax combined with a little brow powder. Opt for Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder or Kelly Baker Brows powder. 

Use brow powder, following the shape of the lower side of brow.  Fill the middle gaps of the brow. Make sure the last part of brow should be darkest. 

Highlight and contour:

Refer to the image to discover exact points of applying highlighters and contours. Not only will this frame your face but also brighten it up. 

Make sure you use powder contours, if you’re usig powder foundations. Skip bronzers. Invest in a contouring palette. Starting from the temple, form a 3 shape inwards on both sides, contour yoru temples, cheekbones and chins. Complete contouring on both sides of the nose as well.

Highlighter should be applied underneath the eyes just like the concealer. Apply in the middle of forehead, down your nose, between the temples and above your cupid’s bow and above your chin.

Luscious Lips:

makeup for glasses

Colour your lips bold. Try reds, pinks, wine or oranges with a natural look and nude lipsticks to balance the bold eyes. Adding a noticeable pop of colour will spruce up your boring look entirely. 

Believe it or not, you will get a whole new glamorous look. Trying out these simple hacks will go a long way in giving you a perked up look. With a new look, new face, we’ll prove wrong  that old saying, ‘men never ask out the girls who wears specs.’   

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