These Bizarre Pieces of Clothing will make you go WTF!


Fashion, it is a latest style of clothing, hair or any decoration. It is a trend. It is phase. We girls, love fashion and I don’t think there are no ways about it but in a parallel world, I suppose, some people have changed the definition of fashion. Our international designers or national, we all have one thing in common; the love for clothing as an art but I don’t think, the parallel world people understand that. AT ALL!

Make each day an ‘add-to-cart’ kinda day!

We, the fashion lovers, believe that world is our runway and everyday is a new fashion show. However, when I stumbled upon these weird pieces of clothing who some people call ‘Fashion,’ I was shocked and almost in tears.

You might call them brave or complete lunatics but don’t miss out on any of them. My ladies, today is not a shopping day but its like Black Friday in shopping history!

So, without further ado, have a look at parallel world’s bizarre ‘fashion’:

Detachable Jeans

Comfortable much?

Cold Shoulder Jacket

What are even trying to accomplish here?

Oversized Jumpsuit

I'm heading to my farm to feed mah hens!

See-Through Jeans

For the special occasions like cleaning up after a murder or hanging out during a hurricane!

The 'husband' jeans

Why are they even trying now?

Hairy swimwear




I want to close my eyes and sleep forever.

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