Top 8 Footwear that are a MUST for every woman!


It doesn't matter whether you love to shop or not because shoes are one thing that no woman can ever have enough of. Shoes aren't just something you wear to keep your feet dust-free but shoes are everything and each pair should earn its own place in your wardrobe.

Women and shoes are a match made in heaven!

The right footwear gives you the confidence to empower the world but with variety comes confusion; because buying just one pair is no justice. We understand the emotional turmoil you go through, every time you walk into the shop. But chill, we're always here to help.

So for your advantage, we’ve compiled a list of top must-have footwear that you can’t survive without. I’m sure that you must already have the majority but it’s never bad to re-check!

Slip Ons

Let's begin with the basics. A perfect kind-of-fashionable sport shoes with no bulkiness, AT ALL. And to rock in them, you can always go for a T-shirt dress or a simple top & denim shorts!


India's pride and every 'I-don't-care-about-fashion' person's go to style. From your any day kurta and jeans to the traditional days, Kolhapuris are one hell of a comfortable pair to own.


Guys they're making a comeback so hurry! Loafers are your to-go footwear for everything;  a casual day out and even for an official meeting!


God bless the soul who made these beauties! Some woman cannot master stilettos, like me so we rely on wedges- our one true love! Feels the same but with of course more area to balance. Pair them up with a nice summer dress or shorts or anything that rests above the knees.

Kitten Heels

Sort of a stiletto but it has smaller heels. They're good to go with pretty much everything. Just make sure you reveal your ankles to give some space for your heels to stand out.


Winter is coming and let these cute Uggs provide you with warmth. Originally made from sheepskin, with warm fleece inside the shoes, now come in all shapes and sizes without hurting so much as a fly.


Wore by the fighters in Rome, they come in all shapes and sizes, with the straps going up to a person's knee. Make sure you buy the right size; otherwise you'll end up with geometric designs on your feet.


Last but not the least, Stilettos or Talons Aiguilles as the French put it, literally translating to needle heels or high heels, are the most lust-worthy shoes ever. Once you've nailed your walk, you're never stepping out of these!

So how many did you check off? Stay tuned for more Style Center-related updates!

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