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It is very aptly put, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friends. “ Just like the innate phenomenal substance that makes her stand out, every girl looks beautiful when adorned with garlands of gold and diamonds. If there is something that completes a woman, it is her personal collection of Jewellery besides courage and determination to carve her niche. 

Feel like a goddess bejewelled with the glory of gold & dazzling diamonds.

Women find a perfect excuse to get bejeweled for weddings, family functions, friend’s reception, cocktail parties and endless other occasions. So, why hesitate when it comes to decking up for office? No more confusion about work-related jewellery as we unveil much-desired jewellery assortment which is suitable for everyday office wear. 


office wear jewellery

Stand out from the crowd by wearing diamond studded gold or platinum rings. Rose golden rings are being admired by women these days, so you can get one for yourself. Try plenty of designs, patterns and encrusted jewels till you find the appropriate.  What’s more? You can get the blessings of powerful precious gemstones encrusted into your favourite ring which speaks volumes for itself. Double whammy, anyone? Make sure you don’t flaunt the queen-size ring at work, though. 


office wear jewellery

Let’s keep it sleek, small and stylish. A couple of earrings every working woman should have are studs, ball drop, dinky danglers, plain hoops and sleek statement earrings for an office-party. 

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office wear jewellery

Amidst the spiral, webbed patterns of bracelets, you can opt for a dainty platinum or silver bracelet which has neatly defined cuts and crystals created into a subtle fashion to avoid heavy jewellery. Because, hey, remember that you’re going to work, not a lavish wedding.   


office wear jewellery

There’s a reason we didn’t call it a necklace here. That’s because a neckpiece can include many varieties such as a dainty necklace, a tiny pendant set, platinum or diamond chains with fringes or delicate design and so on. The idea is to wear jewellery that makes you look stylish yet corporate. Mia Jewellery by Tanishq offers a fabulous collection for working women. 

Now you see? Wearing the appropriate jewellery to office isn’t such a big deal. Simply make sure you accessorize your formal-wear with the minimalist approach to jewellery which decorates your ears, neck and wrists in a subtle yet striking manner. Yes, we cannot always afford to decorate ourselves with a lot of jewellery but the knowledge of how, what, where and when to use it marginalizes gaudy from sophisticated personality. The whole idea is to feel confident under your skin with jewellery which allows you to be your best.  

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