Watch out for these must-have office styles to be a stunner at your work place


As they say ‘Your life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be’, likewise your office life can never be perfect; it is an ambivalent combination of bad days and good days. Office wear has to be something elegant yet stylish. You can’t go wrong in choosing the perfect outfit for your professional front.

Swag is for boys, class is for men

It’s true that men do have lesser choices available as compared to women but there is a lot that can be done with those limited choices. You don’t have a control over your office atmosphere but you can surely shine brightly in the same mundane atmosphere. Now the question is how do you do so? Let’s have a look boys!

Tassel shoes

Giving a classy look, these stylish shoes go well with your formal outfits to give them an informal kind of look. Designed to give you a sense of modernity, these cool tassel shoes are available in various colors to make your outfit complete.


Shoes are comfortable without any doubt but when you have to sit for long hours in the office, loafers are truly a blessing. Not as informal as slippers and not as formal as derby/brogue shoes, loafers provide you with both comfort and convenience. These go well with both informal and formal outfits.

 Laptop sleeves

Giving your formal ensemble a professional appeal, laptop bags are easy to carry and are a modish add on to your style. Laptop bags tend to give you a more confident look as you enter the workplace. Available in a variety of colours, black and brown go well with every outfit.

Messenger bags

If you have a lot of stuff to carry and you always land up messing with your stuff, Messenger bags are a must-have for you. One of the most comfortable types of bags, these fashionable bags helps you to sort your belongings perfectly without causing damage to them or losing them.

Ready to nail the office look? We are sure you will be. Stay tuned for more Style Center updates.

(With inputs from Ians)

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