What is Fast Fashion and How to Combat this Bitter Truth?


You’ve heard of fast food that tastes delicious but destroys our health. Now, let me introduce you to fast fashion. Half of the women enjoy shopping because it gives us retail therapy while making us look gorgeous. One of the primary reasons why we love shopping is to stay updated with the latest trends. Now, are you wondering what is fast fashion?

Fast fashion causes severe environmental damage.

Have you ever given a second thought to those big brands churning out high-profile collections at reasonable prices? Like how? No, we just cannot curb our shopaholic tendencies. When you make sure to lay your hands on those top brands filling over street shops with their high-quality material, give it a serious thought about how it affects our environment. To drop lavish sums of clothes, the company must require equally large amount of raw material as well. This is where the fast fashion comes into the picture.

Check out the measures given below to ensure fashion doesn’t cause environmental damage 

Shop Lessfast fashion

Stop being extravagant when shopping. 

Homegrown fashionfast fashion

Try to use Home-grown fashion labels which are environment-friendly. 

Don’t throw awayfast fashion

Reuse, revamp and renew old clothing.

Thrift-shopfast fashion

Try Thrift Shopping FTW. 

Say No to Fast Fashionfast fashion

Spread awareness about the perils of Fast Fashion to people around you.

Fast fashion implies inexpensive clothing which is inspired by fashion runway catwalks. This term is often used by retailers. Apart from this, polyester is an easily available material used to create clothes. The leftovers of this fabric end up in lakes, rivers and oceans that make them filthy. Not only that such cheap fibres can be consumed by aquatic life like fish and thereby affect the food chain. God forbid, some of this cheap stuff could be handed over on your platter as a result of destroying aquatic life. Healthy shopping, healthy fashion, healthy lifestyle and a healthy earth. 

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