Women’s Purses for 2018 which are Trending the Market


Purses are synonymous with sophistication and style. B-town divas like Esha Gupta, Alia Bhatt, Huma Qureshi, Kajol have been spotted with designer purses. Choosing the right one for you can be tricky as the trends keep changing. Besides, the clutch you wear should complement your dress as well as your personality.  

Pick the right clutch by keeping in mind the colours, designs, shapes and so on.

A clutch speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. They are not simply used to store money but also as a fashion accessory to enhance your social image. If you are wondering about the types of purses to buy this season then, here is all the wealth of information for you to bank upon. 


women's purses

This is the most sought-after and exciting variety of purses which is trending in 2018. Market is flooded with exclusive decorations like rhinestones and sequins, decorated buttons and zippers, several prints, embroidery and appliques. These types of purses create a vibrant and unforgettable image of the wearer. 

Engraved variety 

women's purses

One of the most recently liked fashion fads is engraved purses. Of late, many purses are found with engraved laconic logo of the manufacturer that makes it stand apart from the herd of ordinaries. 

Latch it up

women's purses

This classic latch variant is designed to secure currency notes and business cards. Latch purses are available in various fasteners such as a zipper, magnet or a button which are used as a closing mechanism as well. Most purses have magnetic fasteners. 

Folding clutch

women's purses

This is one of the most frequently used purses of the season. Not only are they compact but also spacious to help you safeguard your currency notes and debit/credit cards. A bi-fold purse is divided into two halves and is opened like a book. Bi-fold purses are very popular style for 2018. You’ll find them in several forms of fasteners like magnetic buttons, zippers etc. 

Dossier Style

women's purses

For the working woman who needs her documents within easy reach, you can opt for document style purses where you can store your bills, coins, identification proof like Driver’s License, Passport etc. Such types of purses are trending this year to keep your valuables safe and handy. 


women's purses

Alright, till now we had been purchasing purses in rectangular, oval or round shapes. But now, you can pick unusual purse shapes like heart, fruits, sweets mythical creatures, animals. Moreover, if you don’t like to experiment much, then you can stick to classic forms that are just perfect for business and regular purpose. 


women's purses

When you are confused about selecting the right colours, opt for solid colours with minimalist patterns.  2018 Trends reveal that most fashionistas have set their eyes upon beige, blue and pink shades along with prints of butterflies, flowers and animals. You can also pick choose purses with dainty ornaments. Alternatively, you can grab other varieties with abstract, ethnic and geometric motives which are very popular this year. 


women's purses

Picking the right material plays a crucial role in selecting the right purse. You can begin with leather or suede purses which are an all-time hit. Even artificial material is very much in vogue, so if you like to save money then you should opt for these popular variants.  To be specific, silicon coin purses in different forms along with lacquer and denims products with several textile covers are trending this year.  

Now, if you’re worried about keeping your essentials into it, then fret not. Tuck in multitasking makeup products like 2-way highlighter-cum-concealer, kohl-cum-liner, powerful compact-cum-foundation/loose powder and plastic money into them. Based on the occasion and trends, you can choose a suitable purse for yourself and make impressive style-statements.  

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