10 couples of Bollywood who give us serious #BromanceGoals


Kenny Sebastian aptly once said, two guy best friends or as they refer to each other as 'two bros' are just short of being lovers. Bollywood, where Raj-Simran, Aditya-Geet rule our hearts and imagination, we also have a different type of cinema which shows us what friendship really is. From Jai-Veeru and Sameer-Kunal, these ‘bros before hoes’ have just made us fall for them even more. 

Some movies show a beautiful bond between people with identical chromosomes, which we call 'bromance', in pop lingo! These movies are simple and give some major #SquadGoals for the innocent Tinku, Pappu and Sunny of our country. 

Disclaimer: If Pyaar Ka Punchnama or Masti comes to your head when we say 'bromance', you need new friends.

Hence, we bring you a list of some of the best bromances couples that Bollywood has produced. 

Ramu-Mohan (Dosti)

One of the oldest tale of friendship, this film created the template of Bollywood’s classic best friend pair where one is blind and the other amputee. 

Akash-Sameer-Sid (Dil Chahta Hai)

This film which made Goa road trip evergreen and cool, also it went on to become the holy trinity of Bollywood friendship. 

Sameer-Kunal (Dostana)

Pretending to be a gay couple, these two landed a damn cool apartment in downtown Miami. But even when it came to fighting off Bobby Deol, this pair really joined forces together and looked out for each other.

Raju-Farhan-Rancho (3 Idiots)

One thing that the movie made everyone realise was that never to give up on your best friend. They always find a way to surprise you in the most unexpected way!

Munna-Circuit (Munnabhai series)

There is no way you can think about Munna, without Circuit. He could do anything for Munna, including abducting Chinese tourists in broad day light!

Jai-Veeru (Sholay)

If you have a bond like Jai-Veeru, then never let it go. The song Ye dosti hum nahi todenge has become synonymous with friendship.

DJ-Sukhi-Karan-Aslam-Lakshman (Rang De Basanti)

Today's good-for-nothing, beer-drinking college students discover the sacrifices of the young, pre-independent revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. And somehow history repeats itself, and they're forced to make the choice between letting it be or taking it upon themselves to change things.

Devdas-Chunnilal (Devdas)

This is surely not the happiest bonds in film history. But Chunnilal's love for humorous alliteration was the yin to Devdas's brooding yang. And both of them go through spending the latter's lifetime, drinking their sorrows.

Kabir-Pluto (Dil Dhadakne Do)

Voiced by Aamir Khan, the Mehra family's bulldog Pluto happens to be Kabir's best friend. As he plays wingman for his human as he goes about courting the beautiful Farah, and even accompanies the humans as they steal a boat to rescue Kabir from the sea.

Amar-Prem (Andaz Apna Apna)

Bollywood's Jim Carrey-Jeff Daniels pair, right? These young boys were on a wild chase to marry a rich heiress. However, along the way they face a comedy of errors, mistaken identities, abduction and even dangerous villains. And they come out strong on the other side

Need much more bromances like these in real and reel life, right? Share your #BromanceGoals with us in the comments below!

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